How to Join The Binary Lab for *FREE*

If you are interested to join the binary lab, then the door is open for you. The process is very easy. We will create a Broker account for you. You only need to fill the registration form with your details. Do not create the account yourself.

So the process is:

1. Complete all fields of the Application Form. Ensure that your contact information is correct (email, phone, Facebook).

2. Check for an email for your login information from The Binary Lab admin. You should receive this within 2 business days of signing up.

3. Follow the Email from The Binary Lab admin and follow the next steps. Everything will be included in the Email.

Option 1

Create a new broker account through The Binary lab. And You will be able to join for FREE

Important Notes: 

1. Please be patient, It can take up to 2 working days to get respond from The Binary lab.

2. According to our current joining rule, You must need to create a broker account through The Binary Lab to Join. If you already have an existing broker account, Please select another broker to join us.