Frequently Asked Questions

Hi guys, In this post, you will find the answer of some important questions. If you have any question regarding The Binary Lab, Please read this article carefully before contact us. Hope you will find the solution of many common questions below.

The Binary Lab is The LargestĀ  Binary Options trader community with 1000+ real traders. Where the lead trader Julian Wong runs live session based on news releases. He is a very experienced trader.
The Binary lab doesn’t provide any signal service like others. Our lead trader runs a live session where you will be able to see his actual trading screen. No Fake videos or photoshop!
There is no fixed time for the session. Our lead trader will notify by our pro membership website or Facebook Group when is the perfect time for a session. Generally, the session timing is 8 to 10 am or pm EST time. One session lasts from 30 minutes to one hour. It completely depends on the market condition.
If you are interested to join The Binary lab, please visit
If you select a broker to join The Binary Lab, It is free to join for you. No other extra cost will be charged to join The Binary Lab. But we want to inform you that, We are going to charge a membership price very soon.
According to our joining rule, You must need to create a broker account through us. Otherwise, you are not eligible to join. So if you have an existing account, please select another broker to join.
Nothing will happen. It is completely up to you. If you don’t want to join a webinar, It is your wish. Or if you miss a webinar for any other important reason, It is up to you. But you should remember that, every webinar with Julian Wong is very important.
It is a very common mistake by many newbie traders. If you are such a person, you are welcome to join the binary lab. There is no push button software to make you a millionaire overnight or within a week. But here you will find the appropriate strategy to trade in binary options. And finally, You will get a consistent wining rate in binary trading.
Yes. You can join from any country. It doesn’t matter from where you are. We only count you as a binary options trader. But it is very important for you to understand what Julian speaks in the webinar. Proper knowledge in English is very important.
Of course you can join. We are 100% newbie friendly. If you want to be a successful binary options trader from the very beginner, The Binary Iab is the best platform for you to join with 1000+ real traders’ community. You will get access to all the indicators and videos, training sessions once you join the group. You can study and learn how to take trades. Then will be able to trade without live session.
Yes. You will be able to trade by yourself without joining the group. Once you get the trading method, you can trade by yourself except live session. It is completely up to you.