Testimonials of The Binary Lab


Thanks Julian! That was my first session and I’ll be on every one that I can from now on. That was amazing! I was 9-1. You are the real deal! I’ve been scammed so many times, it’s refreshing knowing that I have finally found someone online that cares and wants you to do well. Thanks again

Kevin Snider The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Hey Julian, I have been trading with the Lab since the end of last year, I don’t ever post but I just want to thank you for everything that you have taught me, I think its very cool that you share your skills with us… Cheers

David Moulton The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Julian has been a big help in explaining each and every trade that he takes. The live sessions are the best as to you are able to learn and take away from each trade in the most positive way.

Shandy Lindley The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

My second week with The Binary Lab and here is some of my results .. we are having a lot of success story every time .. #Enjoying #leaningand #make_some_cash .. thanks Julian!

Nyok Lake The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the success of his students. Over all my sessions with Julian I am at an 86% win ratio. Great place to learn and be supported by successful seasoned traders.

Steve Fearnow The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Doubled my bankroll in just 4 sessions…I put my complete trust to Julian in trading. For those who are posting false reviews about Julian and binary lab, please stop because many people found HOPE once again with their methods. Definitely here to stay with Binary Lab.

Vlademir Figuracion The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Great trading live with you Julian, blew my account twice before I started your live sessions. especially like your videos on account management and the discipline needed to win.(still working on the discipline part:) I’m close to getting my previous investment back.

Abraham Brown The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Great job Julian. Your knowledge on binary options is superb. I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to seeing my account grow.

Rocky Jaswani The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Learn a lot from Julian, great teacher, 7-1 today session! Julian you are a ROCKSTAR i cant thank you enough!

Jovan Obradovic The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Julian Wong is a great teacher, he considers all factors of the market before making a trade, and he explains them to us, so that we can understand the market. He answers all questions to help you learn, even if he has answered the question before in his live webinars. And realistic profits are made in any given time, unlike the scams out there… I am glad to have ‘discovered’ Julian Wong and his much-liked and appreciated webinars. Thank you Julian!

Jee Eun Lee The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

My win ratio has increased from 10% to 75% since I have joined The Binary Lab. This is the most transparent group and training you can find on the web. Julian training are very informative in learning how to use Charts. I am able to take decisive trades with his help. Thanks Julian… Cheers!!

Abhishek Maheshwaram The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Your blessed with this gift of guiding others..I’m lucky to be a part of what you’ve created!still learning but I came along way..your indeed the blueprint of my evolution.your a true teacher of life!

Rousseau Collado The Binary Lab Member July 2, 2015

Thanks Julian for sharing with us your exceptional trading skills. I have experienced other binary options forums and groups before and by far nothing comes close to the binary lab group. You have an impressive trading talent. You have a consistent winning rate and your strategy really works! I have tried them myself. As a proof, our newbie members who strictly follow your trading rules/guidelines are already doing great in their first few trading sessions. You have taught them the shortcut to trading success. Thanks again and more power to the group!

Ramon Magkalas The Binary lab Member July 2, 2015