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Folks in US and Canada, please check back within the next 1-2 days for updates on broker options.

Hey there! I’ve put together this page to give you information about how to get started with my FOREX EA, either via the Self-Managed Route, or via the PAMM. 

In order to gain access to this program, you need to open the broker account through me using the linked banner (below the instructional video). 

The broker I’ve selected is FXTM, and it accepts people from just about every country outside of USA and Canada. I have a short video below explaining how I arrived at this broker choice. 

Video #1: Why FXTM?

Update On Broker Choice And Withdrawable Broker Bonus:

Some good and bad news with regards to the Withdrawable bonus. Listen to this video as to why this broker is still the best choice.

Video #2: Account Setup Options

Please watch this video guide to sign up for your FXTM broker account. This broker has been carefully selected based on important factors such as execution, spread consistency, leverage, margin requirements, and customer service standards.

​VPS Information (For Self-Managed Only)

You don’t have to do this right away, but you’ll need to get this done after your account is setup, ahead of running the EA. This is certainly the more reliable route to doing it – versus keeping your PC or Mac on 24/5, which is definitely a bad idea for several reasons… 

There are two ways of going about this… Either depositing $5k with the broker, or simply paying about $15 a month to a 3rd party. I’ve listed both below….

#1: Free VPS

If you use my link, you will be able to ask the broker for free VPS for deposits above $5000, with NO monthly lots trading requirement. *If you chose to make a Deposit of $5000 and above, I will still only give you the EA settings for $1-$2k because I want you to get used to the way the EA works first and in managing your account. You can up your stakes (via position size) after a month, no problem! It’s early in the year. Plenty of time to profit. I just don’t want you to be letting your nerves sabotage you right now. 

#2. Self-Appointed VPS

This is the VPS I have been running my simulation on…

Forex Trading VPS on Windows

After That, Please Notify My Admin via My FB Page.

​Final Words

Once all this is done, I will give you access to a members area where I will give you a series of videos to get you up to speed of various scenarios you will experience in the running of this EA, as I’ve already hard-tested it through various market conditions – so that you’ll know what to do. In addition, you’ll be added into a dedicated telegram group for updates. I will be mentoring you and giving you instructions in the form of typed instructions, screenshots, or videos, to show you what you need to do. I.e., when to suspend trading, manually close trades, when to adjust lot size, when to disengage EA, etc.

RISK WARNING: Trading in these financial instruments contain a high level of risk. All of your capital is at risk. You should only invest with money you can afford to lose. 

​Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. What is the Concept Behind This EA? How Does It Work?This has been explained in previous posts on my personal FB, however, just to quickly sum up – this is a hedging martingale strategy I built based on my previous “Straddle” strategy which I showed on Youtube for Binary and Forex trading. It is about taking trades in both directions – and then using martingale to exit the negative position with profit. As the distance between the open positions widen, it creates situations where you can even see both positions in a floating profit. The main idea is to keep a tight lockdown of the equity while making profit at the same time!#2. How Much Money Can I Make? Based on similar leverage and risk exposure with my own account, you should be expecting 20-30% per month. Depending on the market behaviour that month, the actual figure could be slightly more, or slightly less. The objective is to make consistent money, safely. In forward testing of this EA, the maximal drawdown has been less than 7%. This is unprecedented in this industry. #3. Is this a Set and Forget EA? This is NOT a Set and Forget EA. As a experienced trader and instructor, my students and I have come to understand that no machine can fully replace the human’s role in trading, because conditions are never always the same. Therefore, settings will need to be adjusted from time to time, and trades will have to be manually closed from time to time – to maximise your profit, and minimise your risk. As mentioned in my answer to question #1, there will situations where you have a positive “discrepancy” from a large distance between the open call and put orders on a pair. Then, you would close both trades to “reset” the pair and take the profit. Ahead of an Election, big news event, or long holiday like Christmas or Chinese New Year, where brokers are known to increase spread and reduce leverage, naturally you will want to reduce your lot size or suspend trading altogether. The good news is, I will be teaching you how to do this by way of a Telegram Mentorship Group – through screenshots, videos, and typed instructions posted. I will also have a series of videos to educate you on common scenarios you will experience and the basis of deciding what course of action to take. Essentially, you will learn to become a good manager of your own money. If you are looking for a set and forget solution, you should just do it the “PAMM” way because there will be risks of leaving your account un-attended. If you are using the PAMM option, basically you will be cloning trades from my account, which I will be managing to the best of my own interests. My goal is to generate $200-400 daily on a starting balance of $10k. #4. Why Am I Not Seeing Similar Results As Yours (Julian)?First of all, you need to check that your lot settings are correct. Please check instructional video for this. It is actually a very simple calculation. If yours is a Micro account, and under ordinary market conditions, you should be setting your starting lot as 0.5 for every $1000 deposited. #5. Why Am I Not Making As Much Money As Last Week?Past results do not guarantee future performance. As mentioned in my answer to Question #2, market behaviour plays a big part in how profitable this EA can be. If there is a lot of ranging movement, there will be ample opportunity for the EA to grow the distance between “Put” and “Call” orders for positive discrepancy and you will consequently see that your account will grow very fast on those days. However, if the market is being largely stagnant, or making strong moves in one direction, then going flat, strong move, then flat… the trades will not be able to close as frequently, and it will only be when the market widens its movement again that you will see trade turnover and profit. #6. Do You Lose Stop Loss and Take Profit? The EA uses take profit orders to close martingale sets for profit upon a retrace. The EA also uses a trailing stop loss to prevent a positive trade going into a negative. However, we will often manually close the put and call positions whenever there is a reasonable “positive discrepancy”, and restart the set. In some cases you could have earned from swap rates as well. Other than that, the EA does not have a stop loss for open positions – neither does it need to have – quite simply because the “put” is already hedged with a “call”!However, the released version of this EA will also have an important “Emergency Safety Net” function where you can decide at what % you wish to close all trades with loss. The purpose for this is to get you out of the losing direction of a particular pair if the negative discrepancy has hit the threshold, while the positive direction continues to run, recovering your loss, but also reducing your exposure to unusual risk of extended “bull runs” or “bear runs”. If you also are a student of my “Martingale Mastered” program (link:, or studied economics, you will have learnt that trading when there are diminishing returns is pointless, and in this case, a waste of available margin %. #7. Can You Provide Me With Backtest Data?This EA cannot be backtested for several reasons. Firstly, because separate instances of the EA are being run on different pairs, and even separate to the point of “Puts Only” and “Calls Only”. I made the EA in such a way so you can because you will have independent control on each of the pairs, and the direction of trade, so that manual isolated changes do not affect the overall operation. This is more efficient. Think of it as inkjet printers that allow you to replace used colours independently as opposed to having to replace the entire cartridge before you can resume printing, even if some of the colours still have a nice balance.Got a question that’s not answered here? Send us a message on FB!

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