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It’s been a day since our big webinar that so many of you were on. Since then, over 10 attendees have already taken advantage of the special Binary Lab discounts on the Advanced Masterclass, and the inboxes of David, Yuri and myself, have been getting filled by even more of you who’re seriously looking into this Advanced Masterclass Program.
In this post, I’d like to address some questions that come up alot of the time.

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[toggle title=”I was unable to catch part of the webinar / I missed the webinar. Is there a link where I can watch a replay so I can decide if this is for me?” class=”in”]Yes. You may request a replay link by sending me an
email at [email protected] or commenting in the group at this thread[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How is the Binary Lab Advanced Masterclass, a.k.a. Ouroboros Trading Network different from The Binary Lab?”]While Binary Lab offers the beginning trader alot of knowledge and insight on trading Binary Options, the Master Class strategies are more sophisticated and accurate, especially in eliminating “Fake-outs”. They offer many more accurate entry methods on shorter term and longer term trades and are able to increase any traders’ winning percentage by 10-20%. In addition, you will also receive SMS trading alerts so that you do not need to watch your charts all day, just to catch the best trade setups. With a higher winning rate, you will feel more confident to increase your trade sizes and thus grow your account more exponentially with LESS risk.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What if after I join the Masterclass and I’m still not winning most of my trades?”]If you have previously been trading with The Binary Lab, it is nearly impossible that anyone who joins the Masterclass will not improve their winning rates by 10-20% by applying the methods, within their first 2 weeks. Where necessary, David or Yuri who have developed these methods, will make a personalized video diagnosis, or a one-on-one session to help you grasp the concepts and apply them correctly, so that you can become more profitable. Eric, who spoke on the webinar was once lost and frustrated. After getting one-on-one help with David, he went on to become one of the best traders in the group, and has even produced a video guide on how to best utilize the SMS signals![/toggle]
[toggle title=”If I take Payment Plan 3 (5 monthly payments of $1000), can I take part in the Las Vegas focus group if I arrange to be there?”]Plan 1 and Plan 2 includes a free ticket worth $997 for you to attend a Business Owner and Investor Private Conference. There, we will be having our own break-out meeting room to conduct special training for Plan 1 and Plan 2 members who attend the event. If you join via Plan 3, we can let you join in the training and focus group, but you will be required to purchase the ticket separately, and this will be highly discounted from the normal price. We have yet to finalize what the discount is. But at least 50%. It includes event, meals and cocktail party networking at a 5-star resort hotel.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Does Binary Lab Advanced Masterclass, aka Ouroboros Trading Network GUARANTEE that I will make more money as a trader?”]We can guarantee that you will have the best trading skills available, and that your winning rate will improve. That alone will increase your nett profit and loss. However, the other part of trading is the psychology. As you feel comfortable with your higher winning rate, you will naturally develop the confidence to place larger trades and thus make more money.[/toggle]

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