3 Powerful Lessons

I had many thoughts run through my mind, which I couldn’t resist delaying doing a video to share these insights with you. Today, I have 3 Powerful Lessons for YOU: on 1) Money Management 2) Scaling Your Profits 3) Self-Forgiveness.

If you ever doubted yourself, or felt beat yourself up on the “next trade will win” decisions you make that turn out wrong, or perhaps you’re unsatisfied with your account growth, what I share in this video is going to help you make sense of those emotions you’ve had.

(In this video I have TWO trader mottos. Listen out for what they are, and when watching it, comment beneath the video which one “hits” you more!)

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BTW, webinars for the rest of this week are cancelled for erratic market behavior. Don’t see a point getting in on trades where some may win and some may lose – all due to bad entries, or incorrect expiry time. Let’s look to a better next week. There’s no point in feeling FOMO on trading. As you’ll hear in my video, when markets are usually good, there’s so much more margin for error and so much easier to earn.


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