50% of Goal Reached!

Past 50% of Goal Reached! #ForexLearningGroup

I want to announce to you that response for the Forex Learning Group is past the 50% mark toward a goal of 500.

As mentioned, the more responses that come in, the better an idea of what peoples’ needs are when it comes to designing this training program to be as fruitful as possible.

Once again, the main reasons behind the Forex Learning Group project is to create an alternative for those in UK and Europe who by June 1, will not be able to trade Binary Options via regulated brokers, and those who want to supplement their binary trading profits by riding big market moves that on numerous occasions contain little volatility for meaningful binary profit, i.e. “staircased” price action, as I’ve explained in old videos on my Youtube channel.

Check out this update here (it’s the same video basically, either will do)

You can get FREE access to this group which has a Forum, regular webinars, and a members’ group. You just have to open an account through either of these links with USD$500 or more and sending an email to my admin at [email protected].
https://thebinarylab.net/xm30usdfree (includes a free $30 USD unconditional bonus once you verify)
https://thebinarylab.net/tradersway (open also for US&Canada residents)
Later this week I will also update you on a regulated broker where you can safely trade even if you’re in UK and Europe!
If you have any questions, send it to the Facebook page. Link here–>>https://www.facebook.com/thebinarylabpage/

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