51% Profit In A Day?

Hey Traders,

I certainly hope you took action on my last email. No names, but someone did write to thank me for an overnight gain of USD18,000. NEO and TRX have gone up 40% and 50+% respectively! This proves two things. 1) No one is too late for anything, including crypto. 2) Knowledge of indicator-based swing trading isn’t applicable just to Binary and Forex, but it’s interdisciplinary.

Also, I found out I can screen share to FB Live!
Check out my video update on my crypto email HERE:

In addition, I’ve also just made another video about the #2nettwinsperdaychallenge to help you track your journey to becoming a more consistent trader. Watch below!


P.S. As hinted in the video, I have been able to put together a very special deal for those of you looking to join the Binary Lab Elite program. Until 31 March, open an account with FCA-Regulated broker, ETX Capital of US$2000 or more using THIS LINK, and you can get waived access into the Binary Lab Elite program, which usually costs $2000 just by itself. Email [email protected] with the email address used to open your account after you’ve done so to claim your membership.




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