Bad Experiences in Forex Trading?

Ever had bad experiences in Forex Trading?

I had bad experiences in Forex Trading. If it wasn’t for the bad experiences in messing up for the lack of a strategy, or ignorance, stupidly following low-quality signals, I probably wouldn’t have come to binary options. Doing well in binary, technically I didn’t even need to give forex a 3rd look.

Watch the VLOG here. You might identify with a thing or two!

But when ESMA put down their firm stance which placed many traders in Europe and UK out of their trade, I was forced to relook forex for those who want to keep trading… And discovered that my 5-6 experience in binary gave me a solid advantage to price action trading.

I went on to make a few more discoveries….

– Forex isn’t necessarily “slow”.
– The way most forex gurus teach trade management is absolute garbage.
– My previous failings were from lack of understanding.
– I now finally can treat every trade as it’s own trade! (FYI.. I used to simultaneously close all trades. Couldn’t handle everything going on! Lol!)

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P.p.s. This week is kinda slow for Binary possibly due to the Assumption day holiday. Forex is moving well though!

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