The Binary Broker’s Bonus

Should I Take The Binary Broker’s Bonus?

In this post, I will be talking about Binary Options Brokers Deposit Bonuses. Should you take a bonus or not?

This is a very common mistake to take bonus from brokers. The newbie trader doesn’t understand that bonus amount can’t be withdrawn until you reach to the goal. For example, If you deposit $250 and get 100% bonus. That means your bonus is also $250. In this case, If the broker’s rule is that, You will not be able to withdraw until you reach 5x of your bonus amount. That means you need to profit more $1000 to withdraw money.

There’s more than meets the eye when you see a “100% Matching Deposit Bonus” when you choose to open an account with a Binary Options Trading Broker. Let me explain Binary Options Trading deposit bonuses to you in this video. This is not good for newbie traders. I don’t recommend you take any bonus from the broker. You will suffer while withdrawing your money. I strongly recommend you to not take any bonus. Just deposit and trade with your own money. If you don’t take any bonus, you will face any problem when you will withdraw your money from brokers.

Some people have the misconception that, the broker is a scam if they cannot withdraw his money after taking a bonus. But these people don’t know about the rules. So don’t take a bonus and be safe.

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