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If you missed the live webinar, or missed some part of it, or perhaps this is your first time watching a binary options webinar, and need to do a recap to get a better understanding of some of the topics and terms discussed, here’s the replay. 

Once again, Jerry Singh is actually a member of The Binary Lab, since Jan 2015, starting with no knowledge of trading. Being a fresh college graduate with an sharp and inquiring mind, he quickly assimilated the Binary Lab trading strategies and was soon consistently posting great results and helping others in the Binary Lab Facebook group. He then took off to experiment and develop ways to trade pure price action, without using indicators. Several blown accounts later, he finally was able to develop several winning methods of indicator-less trading, and grew his final account by 1300% – making up for all previous losses and paying off his study loan. He caught my attention when he was able to get good, consistent trading results even during periods of market instability, and even on festive times, i.e. Christmas and New Year – where most Pros would rather not trade. I first invited Jerry to deliver a training on Price Action-based trading back in February, this year. It was extremely well-received. A link to a replay of his previous webinar can also be found below…

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As mentioned, Jerry Singh currently runs a Binary price action trading group, known as “Naked Trading”. He is also commencing a group, specially in educating members on applying “Naked Trading”, indicator-less chart trading, on FOREX. This is a great time to look into Forex amidst the current global wealth concerns, which is giving us large daily price fluctuations that present huge opportunities for profit.

Here is Jerry’s MyFxbook-verified performance in Forex trading….

To read details and join Jerry’s “Naked Trading” Binary and Forex Mentorship, and watch a replay of his first Price Action trading webinar, click the button below.

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When you’re watching the webinar replay (above), look out for the testimonial by Fairis Chua, a 55-year-old housewife from Singapore, who had no former experience in trading, prior to joining The Binary Lab. She was the first to join Jerry’s program back in early February. She was independently trading during the webinar, had a great result, and volunteered to come on air!

Fairis Chua Naked Trading Testimonial

and here’s a throwback to when she just joined…

Fairis Chua Feb Testimonial

Many more CONSISTENTLY GREAT results of students on the webinar replay above!

Here’s how Jerry’s students rate his current program…

Jerry Singh Naked Trading Review

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Click the button link below to watch a FREE replay of his previous price action webinar, find out more about Jerry Singh’s mentorship program and how to get started…

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