Binary Options Broker Price Manipulation.

In today’s post, I will be discussing about The Truth and Myths About Binary Options Broker Price Manipulation. There are myths about Binary Options Broker Price Manipulation. Do the brokers really price manipulation? So let’s learn about the topic.

This is not related to trading. This video and the post are about mindset.  In this video, I will be talking about what is happening and what is not happening in the market. What the people think happening, but actually not happening. And lastly, I will be talking about Binary Options Broker Price Manipulation. 

Firstly, I will discuss about price manipulation. Many peoples believe that some brokers manipulates broker’s price on the expiry of a trade. Is it true? It is just a wrong idea about brokers. It really never happens. I know about it because I run live sessions every trading day in the binary lab. Lot’s of members are trading live with me in my group. So it is ridiculous to say that the brokers try to screw you not anyone else. ?

So, Now I want to tell you what actually happens in the brokers. Sometimes, when you place trades, the brokers can manipulate the entry price little bit. Because of your wrong entry timing. You will notice that when you place a trade, it takes some time to execute it. In this case, the broker really manipulates the entry price. While trading in live sessions of The Binary Lab, I found that some of my members are getting an entry price at for example.3040. But some members are getting an entry price like.3055, Some members .3085. That actually happens only at the entry price.

So it is suggested for you to place a trade at the last 57th second of the previous candle. Something like, If you want to place a trade at the next candle, then you have to place your trade in the last 57th second of the current candle. Now, you may ask why you should do that? Ok. Let me clear it. It takes some time to place a trade. For example, when you will place call of put from the trading platform, It will be loading for some time and then the trade will be executed. This generally takes 2 to 5 seconds. Sometimes, It takes up to 25 seconds.

Even sometimes, you may not be able to place the trade. It will show you something like sever error, you are not logged in please login. This may happen because of a server problem or broker manipulation.  But remember that, brokers will never manipulate your expiry price. If you have such type of myths, you are wrong. You can see the video to get more details about The Truth and Myths About Binary Options Broker Price Manipulation.

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