Can You Really Trust Your Binary Options Broker Account Manager

Many people have been asking whether they can really trust their binary options broker account managers on giving accurate binary option trading signals and trading strategies. The truth is that every broker has a different business model and while some reward account managers in taking care of your interests, most do not. In this video I will be sharing with you some of the behind the scene things I know from this industry.

As a founder of the binary lab, I really get a lot of queries about binary options trading. I get almost same types of questions always about broker account manager. Because when a person creates an account in a broker, the broker account manager calls him within a few days and try to convince him to trade for him and make huge money. Many newbie members don’t understand the broker’s policy and they trust the broker account manager in a word.

Unfortunately, every broker is not good and they are not regulated. So the bucketshop brokers collect money from the broker and the account manager trade himself in the broker to lose his clients money so the user can not withdraw the money. That’s why I am talking in the video about “Can you really trust your binary options broker account manager”

Hope you guys will find it useful 🙂

Happy Trading.

Julian Wong
The Binary Lab

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