Now, you can instantly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins

Opportunity seldom knocks so many times. Many people whinge about missing the boat in bitcoin, ethereum and crypto in general. I remember in Mid-November, when Bitcoin crashed from $11200 to $6000, I was hopping mad when I couldn’t find a broker that could accept bitcoin purchase via credit card or some online wallet. I knew for a fact that it wouldn’t remain long at the price. Just days at the very most. The biggest frustration of a crypto investor is seeing and knowing the opportunity, rushing to the bank to wire your funds, only to have them declined because of an admin or kyc error, and sent back. Within days, I recall how bitcoin rocketed to $8000, $9000…. $11,000!

Bitcoin is just hovering under $7000 as we speak. Even Ethereum, which had been holding up very well, finally gave in and is now at $671, less than half its high of $1400.

Now, you can instantly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins
(I’m personally picking up Neo, Eth, OmG) with your credit/debit card! (Non-Europe, Non-US Click Here) (Click here if in Europe)

Watch a 2h or 4h technical chart. There are many swing trades to be had. It’s really easy to pick up 5-15% movements here and there. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, buy to hold. I’m personally seeing the $6000 mark as a 161.8% fibo extension. Usually, I’d like for it to curve up and give some bullish confirmation, but if it does get there, I’d say it’s a darn good price. Another approach is to buy in let’s say, daily or every-other day intervals for the next week to average out risk of further dip.

Get in on the move so you won’t regret it when the opportunity is going, going… gone!

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