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Updates on My Forex Strategy and Beta Bug Testing

In case you haven’t seen this video on my FB page, I’ve just posted it to my Youtube Channel. Since then, I’m now bug-testing V2 of the Beta, and take a quick look here at how it’s going!


This will be ready very soon. But even sooner than that, will be a semi-automatic version of this, to help traders manage trades they exit trades entered based on the selection rules that I teach in Forex Learning Group which minimise loss and maximise profit.
My next webinar is coming up in 2 days.
You can get FREE access to this group which has a Forum, regular webinars, and a members’ group, by opening an account through either of these links with USD$500 or more and sending an email to my admin at [email protected]. (includes a free $30 USD unconditional bonus once you verify) (open also for US&Canada residents)
Later this week I will also update you on a regulated broker where you can safely trade even if you’re in UK and Europe!
If you have any questions, send it to the Facebook page. Link here–>>

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