Forex Trading Vs Binary Options Trading – Who Wins?

Today, I am going to talk about Forex Trading Vs Binary Options Trading. Who actually wins?. The truth is that binary trading is better than forex trading in my opinion

You guys know that, I was a forex trader before I had started binary options trading. I have seen some common issues who actually wins in the market. If you know about forex trading, you know that there are spread in forex trading. Though it differs from broker to broker. Let’s give an example: If you  place a trade at 1.90879, You have to wait around 10 to 30 pip to get profit. This is called spread. That means if your trade doesn’t reach at 1.90889, you will not get profit. I hope you guys understand it.

But in Binary Options trading, you don’t need to wait for spread actually. You will be a winner, If the market price goes up or down. Even in case if goes up or down by only 1 pip. Pretty good. Right? I love this trading system only for this reason. And also the high return on right prediction. You don’t need to wait for a long time to see the results. Just 1,2,3,5 mins have been enough to get 70% profit. Sounds amazing!

So if you analyze the market well and can put a trade for 2 minutes, you can get 70% return on our investment.  Only this is the reason, I like binary trading. If you don’t know yet, I want to inform you that I am running the largest binary options trading group “The Binary Lab”. If you are not a member yet, Join today and see the results.


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