Is it hard to make money in Binary Options Trading?

As the last weeks were very unexpected, lot’s of traders got confused and wanted to know, Is it hard to make money in Binary Options Trading? Ok guys, In this short video I will explain it to you. Watch this video and set up your mind for binary options trading.

However, let me tell you briefly. In binary options trading, there are good weeks and there are bad weeks. If you become upset for those bad weeks, you will not succeed. Just carry on with confidence. It is very normal to have a bad week after four good weeks. For some reasons, market condition becomes very crappy and after one or two weeks, it gets back to its normal condition.

So it is very good to jump in the market when there is a good trade setup and also stay away from trading when the market is unexpected. You will easily realize what to do if you join the binary lab. I am teaching my members what to do when the market is very crappy. If you newbie or a failure trader, never give up guys. Join The Binary Lab today and enjoy the power of community with 1000+ happy traders. If you have any questions, send it to the Facebook page.

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39 thoughts on “Is it hard to make money in Binary Options Trading?”

  1. Dear Binary Lab,
    I would like to ask how much will the newcomers after 1st March will be charged? I have been following the Lab for a while, but I still dont have the required funds to open an account at a broker ($500, or possibly $1000). Hence I am curious whether it will be possible to join later, and how much costs would it mean to join.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Levi,
      Amount is not fixed yet. But from March, It will cost around $1000 per year if you don’t select broker option. If you join by creating a broker account, then you can use our service by a low monthly cost.

  2. Hi
    If I want use my own booker
    How much I need to pay a month?
    and usually How many signals you drop a Day?

    1. Hi, Currently there is no alternative way to join The Binary Lab. But I am about to release a membership site soon. Then you will be able to join by payment.

  3. Hello my name is Angelo and I am Italian, I wanted to understand if the enrollment and participation in your community is free or not! I am very interested although my poor English will be a problem for me! Let me know. Thank you.

    1. Hi Angelo, It is FREE. There is no extra cost to join. Just create an account under me and you are will be added to my group.

    2. Ciao Angelo,
      I’m Italian too.
      Are you trading with Julian? could you please send me an email, I would like to know your opinion


  4. I agree with your review. Many of the new traders expect big profits quickly. The truth is trading binary options takes patience and a certain discipline. It may start slowly, but a time will come when you can sit back and enjoy when profits are flowing in.

    I am awaiting your website to start trading with you.

  5. Hello , I’m fed up loosing nearly 30k in binary options by my greedy and emotion trading , please help me out to recover some of the money .


    1. Hi Sandeep, Greedy traders always lose money. I suggest my members to trade by controlling emotion. You can join my group. You are welcome to join with 1700+ happy traders.


  6. Thank you so much Julian, I watched your video and I saw a lot of sincerity in your eyes. The problem am having with almost all these brokers on your list is that they were regarded as scam brokers, like cherry trade, goption ect. Most times when you register with them, they will keep calling and promising you with a bonus. Julian please I really want to know if this bonus of a thing is ok to be accepted . please recommend a broker to me that wouldn’t give me trouble. Julian I have seen you as a nice young man and I believe you wouldn’t be happy when your students go through hell brokers. And again please I want you tyo permit me to use More days in other to fund my account with atleast 1000 dollars because I don’t have up to that amount now. And how much possibly can I be making a day when I fund my account with about 700 to 1000 dollars? Hope to hearing from you. Thanks

    1. Hi Famous,
      You earning depends on your trading style. And about the broker, I have no particular choice. Because, it is an endless question. If you wish to deposit, just make sure that you are not receiving any bonus from the broker. Try to trade with your own money. Otherwise, they are okay. Lots of my members are using them.

  7. I followed your link to join your binary lab last week, and I am still waiting for your reply. However I could not get any contact from you. Also I just left a message on facebook. Are you going to reply me to my email or facebook ?

    Thank you.

      1. Please what is your Facebook page and how possibly can I be chatting with an admin because I really need to ask some relevant questions. Thanks

      2. Hi Julian Have been following your Youtube Channel/facebook for around a month and now I would like to join the trading group. I am currently based in Italy and I am a completely newbie in Binary Option. Just wonder which broker would you suggest me to join? I am thinking about Banc de binary eu
        Looking forward to hearing from you! And how to join binary lab?

  8. Hi Julian,

    Been following you for quite sometime. I am new to this binary option thing and wish to join your group, btw I am from the Philippines but currently working in Singapore. Please do recommend me your most trusted broker. Hope you could help me achieve my financial goals.

    Let me know your thoughts, thanks!


    1. Hi, Please note that there is no specific recommended broker because it is an endless question.There is a wide shortlist of brokers in the joining form. You may pick up one which you prefer most. Or you may select Cherry Trade, CToptions or Goptions which you prefer. Every broker has pros and cons.
      To join
      Thanks 🙂

      1. I totally agree with you Julian. I have tried couple of them and sometimes robot signals resulted to 100% OTM. Unbelievable.

  9. Hello Julian,

    I’m really impressed by your work, well done. I was thinking in getting started with binary options before I saw one of you videos and I’m opening an account at ETX Capital (seems like one of the finest brokers on the market), but I have a serious doubt about it. I’m thinking to start investing 500 euros for a start (which seems a bit risky from your point of view), but I’m also very patient and I mainly want to grasp the technique you use before really start to think about making real money. I would very much like to watch the live sessions at the beginning (at least a week) before starting to invest the same way you do. But with ETX the minimum trade is $15. Do you think it’s ok to start this way?
    Thank you for your iniciative, I would very much love to learn from you.

  10. Hi julian,
    Can you recommend a broker. There are 10 over your side. Please let me know which one i’s user friendly

  11. Hi Julian, I just joined Binary Lab and signed up with 24option. Currently, I am trying to study the ppt for newbie and I wonder what is the next step? Should I join the Webinar with a demo account and if yes, where can I get a demo trading account to practise? Thanks!

  12. Hi Julian

    My questions are, what were you doing before option trading. What made you start a career in option trading. Lastly, how many years have you been trading.

    Many thanks

  13. I think it is difficult to understand binary options at first but with experience, you become a pro at it. I was afraid when I tries at first but then everything is fine now.

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