Most Important Binary Trading Webinar

The Most Important Binary Trading Webinar You Missed…

You just missed probably the most important Binary Trading webinar this month! In August 21 44 minute-long Binary Lab Elite Webinar. I covered some very crucial tweaks that will help you get around the frustrations. Of trading under thin markets, with erratic price moves.

If you trade binary the way most people do, chances are, you do a lot of 30s-3min long trades. Why? Because that’s the most sensible way to exploit lower timeframe price patterns that recur, and the fact that binary trading has neither spreads nor commissions, unlike forex.

Since the start of the US Summer Holidays, while various pairs have been trending a lot on the larger timeframes (hence my increase of forex-related posts lately), they have been having very narrow movement range on the lower timeframes, like the 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, that we traders like looking at.

Result if you’re a reversal trader

You may find that you’re getting last-second surprises even when you thought you caught the best entry, if you’re a reversal trader. Or if you wait for some confirmations, you find that there’s no movement left to be had, and you’ll lose a trade. If you’re a breakout trader, you may find that again, the trade goes right back into the channel shortly after you enter.. a.k.a. false breaks.

I taught webinar attendees how to tackle these issues, and basically, raise your game to match the increased difficulty, to stay profitable.

Watch this short VLOG to find out more…

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RISK WARNING: Trading in these financial instruments contains a high level of risk. Most, or all of your capital may be a risk. You should only be trading with money you can afford to lose.

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