IQ Option VS Olymp Trade: What Are The Differences? Which is Better?

If you taken the chance to look at the trading platforms of IQ Option and Olymp Trade, you probably noticed that there are many similarities. Then, what would be the differences? I’ve actually wrote a brief comparison on my Regulated Option Brokers page, but as it’s becoming a hot topic on my FB inbox messages, as well as my Youtube comments, here’s a detailed head-to-head comparison of IQ Option VS Olymp Trade.


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More than just the interface, actually depending on the assets you like to trade, one may more appealing to you than the other.

However, if you’re fairly new to this, or perhaps you’re unfamiliar with these new all-in-one type brokers that have charting indicators and technical analysis tools all built-in, you make like to watch the following video. I will be talking you on a tour of both platforms so you can understand how each one is and how IQ Option and Olymptrade are different.

Pro Tip: By the way, you are not confined as a trader to only have an account at one broker. Personally, and many of my Binary Lab members have had more than 1 account at one time because different brokers offer different functions, assets, and payouts – and sometimes at different times of the day.

Watch The IQ Option and Olymp Trade Comparison Video Below…

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Regulated Brokers Reviews

This was the other page I referred to in my video. Click HERE to access it.

Detailed Platform Reviews on IQ Option and Olymptrade

IQ Option Trading Platform Review:

Here is a video I recorded reviewing the IQ Option trading platform. For more content on this broker, also check out my Youtube Channel which is regularly updated.

Sign up for IQ Option HERE!

(If you get redirected to our broker selection page, it means your country is not eligible to use this broker.)

OlympTrade Trading Platform Review: 

Here is a video I recorded reviewing the Olymptrade trading platform. For more content on this broker, also check out my Youtube Channel which is regularly updated.

Sign up for Olymptrade Here!

PRO Tip: IQ Option and Olymptrade both offer VIP Accounts. These are for those people who are serious about making an income from options trading. For a very small minimal deposit (compared to stocks, CFD-accounts, or US stock-options accounts), you can actually start a VIP account to receive higher payouts in the range of 92-95% (broker-specific), exclusive access to bonus webinars by external trainers, market analysis, and your personal account manager.

Thanks for reading! Hope you found this helpful!

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Good trading,

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*Profits in options are gained on correct prediction. We can only increase our probability in making a gain through knowledge and practicing sensible money management in cases where things run against expectation. Binary Lab was setup to empower traders through knowledge and shared experiences.

General Risk Warning: Trading in these financial derivatives carries a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.

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19 thoughts on “IQ Option VS Olymp Trade: What Are The Differences? Which is Better?”

  1. I think it is always better to trade using as it is user friendly and they offer good trading options.

    1. I hated IQ before but recently IQopiton has been updated a lot in the recent days. So I have decided to go with that and check it. Olymp trade is also fine.

  2. I was recommended to trade by several brokers to diversify risks. All brokers are different and have their own peculiarities. I’ve checked many of them but decided to dwell on olymp trade and IQ. Both of them have been on the market for a long time, minimal investment is 10$ in both cases and they both have the assets I need. You can also trade cryptocurrency; on IQ you can even deposit bitcoins. I trade with mixed success, but generally I remain in the black.

  3. When a broker doesn’t bother you and does its work well, you don’t even know what to write about it. Olymp Trade is a decent broker and does what it claims in the agreement, withdraws money regularly and allows trading conveniently. Whoever wants can easily be convinced of this. It won’t require real money from you right away.

  4. I’d changed many brokers before I realised that you need to start small. Working on a real account is harder just psychologically, and trading with a bih deposit straight away is a huge mistake. I found really suitable conditions in Olymp, the deposit for example start from 10 bucks, plus you get a bonus, the profit from each can be easily withdrawn. The verification requirement was a bit annoying when I was trying to withdraw money, but there’s nothing to do here. All brokers have rules like this. Otherwise, I’m satisfied with everything, especially with the small commission and the convenient platform. Working on charts (I prefer RSI) is a pure joy.

  5. With proper consideration, I must say that Olymp added a new section for forex trading to its platform. Nowadays there are some constraints for binary options but not for Forex. I think, Olymp can keep position in the market thanx to this upgrade. I was pleased with testifying of the modified platform. Orders are opened with secured stops, charts are switched easily and reference works smoothly. Olymp is staying my favorite, moreover the trading conditions are still the most affordable in the market.

  6. Olymp is my favorite broker at the moment, because there’re a lot of cryptocurrencies and you can trade on weekends, so I’ve watched your video and I want to say that it’s incomplete. Olymp Trade allows you to trade not only with options. Recently a section of the usual forex has appeared on their platform, i.e. you can trade with ordinary orders like on the MetaQuotes platform. The difference with the platform is in TakeProfit and StopLoss management, which are set in deposit currency. StopOut is set automatically. This is so damn comfortable!

  7. I love to trade with cryptocurrencies, for me this market is the most understandable of all. I’m completely satisfied with Olymp Trade’s work conditions, it provides all the assets I need. The speed of orders execution and lack of spreads were decisive factors for me when choosing a broker. Also an important thing was the convenience of working on the platform, and everything’s great with this here.

  8. Working with this broker is nothing but pleasure. Everything functions efficiently and very quickly starting from depositing money ending with making orders. I haven’t noticed any failures during all the time of trading here. The support rescued me more than once, it answers even the trickiest questions, and all the answers are on-topic. There were of course problems when dealing with it, but this is more likely just because of a misunderstanding. I can give only positive feedback on the trading platform. It works very quickly, even on my old computer it blows through.

  9. It’s a fine broker. People frighten on the Internet that account can be blocked. I didn’t have this. Trading terms are fine as well. Applications are executed quickly. It’s easy to get excited and lose not only the profit, but also the entire deposit. No quotes are added. This is for regular currencies. I’m talking about crypts, each exchange has its own quotes. Funds withdrawal is done very quickly. Everything’s fine.

  10. I trade on the investment online platform, Olymp trade, since my student years, when I had just a couple cents in my pocket. I didn’t make much money back then, because I didn’t invest anything properly. And now I earn well and invest 70% of my salary in Olymp Trade in stocks, metals, cryptocurrencies, etc. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. There’s no such thing as stability in this case. Only dividends are received stably, and Olymp Tade pays stably. The rest is temporary. Took their free comprehensive training. Learned a lot from there. I use this knowledge everyday. I am very grateful to the platform for their work.

  11. A very useful trading platform for those who want to constantly increase their capital. I give them 10 points for reliability. A company with a great reputation and a good name. They wouldn’t like to risk their reputation for some insignificant profit. They lways provide favorable conditions for trading. Over the past month, I got a record in profit which is now 5% per month. That’s a lot for a stock market. Commissions are funny. And they take them only for the opening of a deal and when moving a deal to the next day. A disadvantage might be that there is only a poor choice of metals. Online support works 24 hours a day.

  12. I like this trading platform. They offer advantageous terms regardless of the time of your account. There haven’t been any problems with withdrawals. They do it even faster than stated, and without any delays. I make short-term investments in the American and Japanese shares since the economic situation in these countries is quite stable on the market. Robotics and medicine are in priority. I haven’t counted my yearly net profit yet, but I know there surely haven’t been any drawdowns. I get 2-3% a month when things are going well. I’v satisfied with trading on Olymp Trade and I’d recommend it to everyone.

  13. Charles Hunter

    Thanks to the economical calendar I can trade on the news with no worries. I never bet against the market. I only open deals for the positive news, that has growth potential. I trade actively on forex. But I drained a lot of money during the first months since I didn’t know all the details. Although now Olymp Trade suggests traders to trade using functions like stop out, stop loss, take profit and so on, in order to increase chances to succeed. Now it’s possible to do so, but it wasn’t back when I started. The platform’s reliability is tested – they make the payments!

  14. I opened demo-accounts with each of these brokers, and yet I liked Olymp Trade much more. They just have a really cool platform – I tried to compare it to the platforms of other brokers, not just IQ, and all of them turned out to be objectively worse. In other aspects Olymp Trade is also quite fine, in some better, in some slightly worse. To me, as a newbie, the major criteria are that the platform should be simple and user-friendly, and the support should respond fast. In these aspects, Olymp is really beyond competition!

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