Who Would Like To Receive Forex or Binary Signals?

Who Would Like To Receive Forex or Binary Signals? Poll Here…

Which of you would like to receive daily forex or binary signals? Or should I ask instead, would you be more interested in daily forex signals, binary signals or both?

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I’m asking this because I observed there is actually a segment of people who are either too busy to allocate time for learning how to trade for themselves, or find trading too complicated – but are STILL interested in Forex, or Binary – or both… and basically just want to receive daily trading signals.

If the demand is there, I will create the system and infrastructure to provide this.

The reason why I’m also setting this poll, is because I’m seeing a high hit-rate of the forex and binary trades I’ve been sharing within my groups, and I think that this could be something MORE replicable by a large number of people. Also, with a good money management plan, you will definitely be long-term profitable, without having to crack your head on trading just to get half-decent.

Of course, there are some conditions for this. While the deposit minimum will be reduced, there’s also going to be NO CHART TRAINING. You will just be learning the signals, but not how the signals are derived. I’ll certainly be putting up some videos on how to use the signals of course.

Forex or Binary?

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