Why You Should Never Let Your Binary Broker Trade For You


Many innocent traders every day are getting duped by cunning binary broker account managers into letting them trade your account, provide you signals which you’re forced to take, at specified trade sizes, lest they abandon you totally. This is all because many of them are just looking to make extra trade volume commission, and typically, when you LOSE money. Watch this video to educate yourself so that you can prevent that from happening.

Autotrade, Trade-Follow, Trade Cloning… All crap that loses you money. Never fall for that scam again.

At the Binary Lab, we work with regulated and also unregulated brokers. My top recommendation right now, 24 Option, has very good operating practices, and the agents there actually will respect your choice if you only wish to receive email communication. ETX Capital, too, doesn’t even hassle their customers, in this industry where you’re so often hearing stories, or even personally experienced getting hounded by sales dogs.

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