Productivity Hack To Get 10℅ Profit Per Day

Trader’s Productivity Hack To Get 10℅ Profit Per Day in Binary Options

I would like to share with you a trader’s productivity hack of mine to getting 10℅ profit per day in Binary Options.

If you are placing a 2℅ risk on a trade, based on a 80℅ payout per profitable trade, you stand to gain a 1.6℅ profit. When you did a nett of 4 winning trades (winning trades minus losing trades, or no loss trades) you would be at a 6.4% gain. And if you did a nett of 3 winning trades, you would be at a 4.8℅ gain. That’s almost 5℅. Depending on market conditions, and dealing in 1-5 min trades as we do in Binary Lab, this can take you from just 20mins to 45mins.

Every day, there are 3 main trading sessions – Asian, London/Europe, and New York. All you need to do is trade two sessions per day, and you easily hit 10℅ per day. In fact, its fairly common that Binary Lab traders get 5-15℅ just on a live webinar.

Once with me, once with fellow Binary Lab members via our Traders’ Telegram Mastermind Chat. Piece of cake!

Check out session #3’s results and also view Binary Lab members’ posted performance HERE!

Binary Lab Member Results

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