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How Long It Took Me To Be Profitable in Binary Options

It took me 9 months since i first got exposed to binary options to become consistently profitable.  If you’re blowing less accounts than me, and making consistent profit sooner than me, you’re doing not bad at all! As a matter of fact, I think people in Binary Lab are really fortunate to be able to feed off my experiences, which really cuts short the learning curve I took months, into as little as weeks.

I couldn’t make sense of any of the detailed charts she made, something she would do as a daily ritual, and would often tell me about, possibly in the hope of interesting me to make up for the lack of attention I should have been getting as a growing teenager. She wasn’t much of the teacher, but she would try to impress me with her calculations and methods of doing so, as if to expect me to say “wow!”

So Let’s Trade Binary Options!

I personally believe that trading profitably is about keeping a constant understanding relationship with the markets. Making the necessary changes to the ways we analyse and the strategies we use to harvest profits from it. Like human beings, the Forex market too, develops and evolves with time.

If you are placing a 2℅ risk on a trade, based on a 80℅ payout per profitable trade, you stand to gain a 1.6℅ profit. If you did a net of 4 winning trades (winning trades minus losing trades, or no loss trades) you would be at a 6.4% gain. When did a net of 3 winning trades, you would be at a 4.8℅ gain. That’s almost 5℅. Depending on market conditions, and dealing in 1-5 min trades as we do in Binary Lab, this can take you from just 20 mins to 45 mins.



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