Sample Daily Forex Trading Analysis

Here’s Your Sample Daily Forex Trading Analysis Video

As promised, I’ve included in this mail to you a sample of the daily forex trading analysis videos that I send out to folks in my Forex Learning Group – for those of you thinking whether this group is for you.

Watch the video here:

Because it’s often difficult keeping track of higher time frame setups as the trades take a long time to develop, I usually start a video by tracking running trades, whether win or loss, and then going on to whether any setups have since become disqualified due to a change in trend or pattern, and if there are any new worthy setups to follow.

As I’ve just started this recently, I take a bit more time to explain the setups, and since my first video I’ve cut down the length of my videos gradually as there’s no sense of repeating the “how’s” and “why’s”. Got a question? You can ask it in my weekly webinar. Or, you can watch the earliest trade setup videos. You’ll get it in no time! It’s my goal to eventually fit these videos into 6 minutes.

Check the video out, and if it’s what you’re looking for, you can check the video description on how to get started.

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