The Secret To 9-17% Profit Days in Forex

The Secret to 9-17% profit days in Forex on just 2% risk?

In my most recent Forex Learning Group webinar, I have revealed the secret to getting 9-17% profit PER TRADE in forex, on just 2% risk. The bigger secret though, is that there’s no real secret at all. It’s a mindset shift on the way trades are picked, made and managed.
I made a VLOG right here that you can watch, and get a sneak peek into my Forex Learning Group program, and also get updated about my Binary Lab Basic course. Watch the FB Live HERE!
In the last few weeks of Forex Learning Group training, I have been constantly trying to re-shape the way traders think when it comes to picking trades, making them, and managing them… to condition traders to pick better, more profitable traders.
It’s not rocket science or breakthrough science… but it is Next-Level stuff that those who’ve learnt these concepts can certainly attest to.
Through the years, Gurus have just been making simple stuff seem difficult just to make themselves look important and sought after. More important than exposing the truth to trading profitably, is to BREAK the pre-conditioning that Gurus have been giving traders, the “Learned Helplessness” which resulted in most people closing their wins too early, and letting their losses run too long. You may argue that it’s precisely what the Gurus talk against doing… but indirectly, they make people believe that it’s that hard to land a land-slide Profit-To-Loss ratio.

Watch my Vlog above to get an idea of what’s in store in my Forex Learning Group and Binary Lab Basics programs.

Those who follow my personal FB page say I seem all angsty these days, and that’s right. I want to bring the truth about trading profitably to more people. The more I delve into it, the more annoyed at all the lies we’ve been told…  the lies that even I’ve been told years ago when I was starting out that are still told till today. Profitable trading is EASY. Watch the video and speak to my FB admin at to get started on getting the mindset shift you need to win!
P.S. We’re approaching the 50% mark on the Forex Learning Group program. Get started now to watch the replays and join in LIVE as the next lessons are produced.

To get started with this, please open a Forex broker account with my link with $500 or more, and then send your account number, account opening email and a screenshot proof of your deposit to[email protected].

The supported brokers we offer are:

XM –

Traders Way – (Also open to USA and Canada residents)

P.P.S. Binary Lab Basics Bonus section with indicators and my tutorials on how to trade with them finally added! Message my fb admin on getting started

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