How To Stay On The Top of Your Game

FB Live Repost: “How To Stay On The Top of Your Game”

Half a day ago I did a FB live on the topic of “How To Stay On The Top Of Your Game”on my personal page, instead of the Binary Lab page, and I was surprised at the number of texts I’ve got from people from Binary Lab, and random folks I chatted with on various topics – message me asking, “where have you been?”

Watch the repost on Youtube here:

So long story short, I’ve always been around – but perhaps many of my personal page followers may not be on my friend’s list (full)! Just my FB privacy settings. But I’ll probably alternate with my Binary Lab page when doing lives from time to time. Please be sure to follow my fb page if you haven’t done so yet.

Facebook Live…

Anyway, this FB live is a straight-talking one, with a very close-to-home case study taking stock of the 6-years-plus of Binary Lab, and Forex Learning Group, what went well, what didn’t – and how I feel like I comparatively did a better job with my forex program in comparison to the binary group, in a shorter period of time – in terms of ease of use, ease of success, and my plans.

If any of you has an area of specialty, is a trade professional, or runs a business, this video could have useful messages and reminders for you.

P.S. On that note on FB accounts, there have been many fake impersonators through the years, typically asking people to send “trading capital” via Western Union or Moneygram, and that they needed to pay 10% on profit withdrawal fees or forgo 800%-3000% in fictitious ROI. My one and only personal FB username is “theprofessionalbum”

P.P.S. Also check out my latest snippet video from my forex daily trade monitoring here if you haven’t.

Binary Lab Basics Bonus section with indicators and my tutorials on how to trade with them finally added! Message my fb admin on getting started

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