Struggling to Win on OTC Binary Options?’s “Volatility Index” Might Be For You!

Volatility Index: A Fair Option for Frustrated Traders Who Don’t Want To Change Their Methods for the Weekend

Does OTC Binary Trading frustrate you? Do you struggle to win on OTC trading? Maybe you already realized by now that OTC trading is DIRECTLY affected by the trades you make. I.e. the more you want to click the “lower” option, the higher demand for the market dropping instead drives it higher! FYI, that doesn’t happen in Volatility Index. Volatility Index is instead a fully-synthetic, computer-generated random price action that is not influenced by your trades at all. This way, you can even use your favorite Mon-Fri strategies here, and have your fair shot at success!

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Because OTC Trading Is NOT For Everyone!

If you get the principles of succeeding in OTC trading, good for you! However, If anyone out there has trouble winning on OTC Binary Options, because it’s too counter-intuitive. If you want something that behaves more like Monday-Friday’s market, you will love’s “Volatility Index”, which is available 24/7.

Because of regulations which do not allow them to “game the trader”, created a fair system where you can win. Check out what it says here on the website. volatility index information

Currently, there are 5 different Volatility Index you can trade. Volatility 10 Index, Volatility 25 Index, Volatility 50 Index, Volatility 75 Index, and lastly, Volatility 100 Index. The difference between them is the intensity of the movement. If you are starting out, you should start with the Volatility 10 Index, and then move up ward.

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New “Deriv” Platform to Trade Volatility Index

Honestly, I used to HATE their archaic obsolete interface. But with’s new platform called Deriv, I must say this broker is worth a second look. You can see this new platform in the video below.

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BTW, here is a detailed blog post I’ve written, which will tell you how to succeed in OTC trading.

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