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Congratulations! If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably one of my webinar viewers right now, or watching a replay.

As mentioned on my Binary Options Webinar, you’re steps away from joining “The Binary Lab” Binary Option Trader community, and receiving…

[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Exclusive Access to my Facebook Group of 2400+ Like-Minded Serious Traders Where You Can Interact and Share Ideas[/li]
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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Get To Learn How I Trade Live When I Share My Screen, Explain My Trade Choices and Take Actual Trades via Live Trading Sessions, Held 4-6 Times Per Week![/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Access to Over 200+ Hours Of Archived Trading Webinars[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Get to Post Your Trading Screen Shots for Advice and Critique[/li]


By clicking the button below and paying a One-Time Joining Fee of $397

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Signing up a new broker account via The Binary Lab, making a deposit, and forwarding the deposit confirmation email to [email protected].

Brokers pay us a referral fee for each client we refer, and that keeps your membership FREE. To claim your FREE Membership, click any of the broker banners below, and do as mentioned above..

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Register Now. Send your deposit confirmation to [email protected]. Also include in your email, the name and email address used for your account, this is for my admin staff to verify with the respective brokers that your registration was tracked to Binary Lab’s referral list.


Popular Q&A

Q: How many trade signals can I receive per day?

A: Binary Lab is NOT a signal service. Although trades are explained and taken LIVE, the purpose is to help you LEARN to develop your own trading style. Signals are NOT sent via email or SMS. Instead, you need to be on the webinar to watch these “live trading calls”.

Q: What is a good starting amount to trade Binary Options successfully?

A: I never recommend the bare minimums. While it may be the only option for some, I personally believe it’s the simplest spell for disaster. I continually suggest in my videos and webinars that people should invest enough so that the broker’s minimum trade becomes no more than 2%, preferably 1% of the account’s total balance. I.e. if you’re choosing 24 Option, which has a min trade of $24, your deposit should be $1200 and above to keep to the 2% rule.

Q: Will I face problems with withdrawal once I’ve achieved a profit or decided to take back my investment? 

A: The main reasons why traders (if any), i.e. noisemakers on forums, face issues with withdrawal is because of ignorance of standard broker practices with regard to 1) Account verification, 2) Bonus received, 3) Broker-specific Terms & Conditions. In regard to the 3rd, Goptions has a policy that customers must trade 10x of their account deposit to be able to withdraw without “inactivity fees”. 10x is usually achieved within 2 weeks of trading 90mins per day at the recommended amount of risk exposure.

Q: Are the methods sure-win or can I lose money?

A: The methods I teach are over 70% accurate. But it depends. It’s an average over time. The are the days where the price action is abnormal and after 2-3 consecutive losses I may change to a different timeframe/method to place a larger trade, or end the session early. There are also many days where my students and I get 100% win over as many as 9 trades. The good news is that in Binary Options trading, you only need to be more than 60% accurate to make a profit of more than 1% per day.

Q: Is there a managed Binary Options trading service?

A: I’ve been asked this many times by many people. I’ve seriously looked into it, but found out that there is no decent solution for this request. Executing trades have latency (delay time). Trade cloning services also have latency. Worst, different brokers may have slightly different price feed. For my most preferred trade duration, this could be a difference between profit and loss, because, trade entry usually takes 3s, cloning service relay time 1-2s, execution by managed account 2-3s. Total delay as much as 8s. Hence, don’t think of all these “easier, faster” ways. Binary trading is easier than many kinds of trading. Start now!

Q: What are the usual times of my Live Trading Webinars?

A: Asian session around 930am (Singapore Time). London session around 430pm (Singapore Time). NY session around 930pm (Singapore Time). Sessions are selected based on market behaviour. There are parts of the year where NY sessions are generally better, and times when Asian sessions out-perform London and NY Sessions, i.e. December. These webinar timings are posted in the “Events” tab of our Facebook group by my group admin. Sessions resume after 4th Jan 2016.


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