When NOT To Trade Binary Options

In today’s post, I am going to explain When NOT To Trade Binary Options. It is one the most important parts in trading. If you trade without maintaining any rules, you will lose your entire account within very short time. But if you know and follow some good strategies and apply them, you can easily win in trading. So watch this video first to know, actually, When you should not trade in the market.

However, I am telling you briefly about this video. Don’t trade when you are so upset and you are not feeling good mentally. If I compare it to video game, you will find it that, When people are very upset, they lose. Even if they win, the winning ratio is very low. So if you compare it with binary trading, you will be able to understand it. There are many other reasons, why you should not trade, But this is the most important reason. Any other reasons are also important, but not so much like it.

When you will lose money consecutively in a day, this is a better time to leave trading for this day. Because there are possible to lose a lot of money because you will become mentally emotional. So control your emotion while trading.  If you are interested to join my group, Click the link below to join for FREE.

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  1. Ramon Magkalas

    HI, I would like to join your growing number of members in your group. I live in Ontario, Canada. Which binary broker can you recommend? Thanks.

    1. Hi, I have no specific broker recommendation because every broker has its own pros and cons. I use Goption in live session. There is a wide shortlist of regulated and unregulated brokers. You may pick up one which you prefer. Most of the members are using Goption, CToption, Cherry Trade.

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