ASIC-Regulated Brokers for Traders in Australia and New Zealand

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I’m writing this specially for those based in Australia. Those in New Zealand might be interested too, based on the close ties between the two countries. It has come to my recent knowledge that many of the Binary Option brokers are currently having issues charging Australian-issued credit and debit cards. This is likely due to an effort ASIC has organised with banks in Australia to protect people from the common frauds that exist in this industry.

Australian-Based, ASIC-Friendly Solutions

Many of our new members from Australia and New Zealand have also been requesting for ASIC-friendly solutions, so that they can trade Binary Options with peace of mind.

For a long time we didn’t have any real solutions until now…

ASIC-Regulated Option 1


Most of you may have heard of High-Low, a locally-registered, and ASIC-regulated Broker, and asked
why we’re not using that is because the expiry times were just terrible. We mostly do 1min, 2min, 5min,
and trades between 7-10 mins during the live webinars. WHEREAS… High-Low, only had 15mins, 1 Hour,
1 Day. Just Ridiculous! It totally defeats the whole purpose of doing Binary Options over Forex, if we had to wait that long!

The good news is High-Low just added V2.0, which enables 30s, 1min, 3min, 5mins. They are using the MarketsPulse platform, same as ETX capital, so I expect their 1-Click Execution to be quick.

That’s something we can now work with. Keep it mind that they don’t have any “middle ground”, with nothing bridging between 5mins and 15mins.

Check out High Low HERE..

ASIC-Regulated Option 2: My Recommendation

Vantage FX

That’s right… Vantage FX, which has been a big player in the Forex industry, has now extended
to include Binary Options. They are ASIC-Regulated for Binary Trading, and are based out of Sydney, NSW.

Not only do they allow you to trade Forex and Binary from the same account, you will be pleased to know
that they are actually using the same Tech Financial platform as 24 Option, which is what I use on my
webinars. You will be able to trade the widest pair selection, with a wide choice of expiry times with high payouts.

Unless you have a bias for HighLow, I would personally suggest you go for Vantage FX instead, as it’s closer to what I use when doing my live sessions.

Check out Vantage FX HERE…

Got Questions?

If you have questions on either of these ASIC-Regulated brokers, you’re welcome to write back to me via
email, at [email protected] As I do get many emails, please also cc [email protected]
when writing, so that if I don’t reply, my assistant will bring it to my attention.

Good trading,

Founder, The Binary Lab.

P.S. If you’re not already a Binary Lab member, opening your broker account with HighLow or Vantage FX using the clickable links in this page also gets you FREE Binary Lab membership, which includes access to our Daily Webinars, Download Trading Indicators, and Traders Mastermind Chat. Simply send your deposit confirmation [email protected], stating your email address used for registration, and your FB profile url. See you!