Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Regulated Binary Brokers 

Hey Traders, if you are looking to trade with greater security, trading with regulated binary brokers will give you more peace of mind – especially when withdrawals are concerned.

Depending on where you’re located, one or two of these will appeal to you more than the rest, as some may even have physical offices that you can visit in your country to deposit and withdraw funds at (i.e. ETX Capital in UK, Vantage FX in NSW, Australia)

These are not all the regulated brokers out there, but the ones that I feel are legit, and feedback from current members is good.

**Note: All of these are for those residing outside the USA.
(Clarification: If you’re from the USA, but live outside the USA on a valid pass, you qualify. Re-deposits and withdrawals will be processed as normal even after you leave the non-USA country.)

Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Here are the regulated brokers we work with, with some brief remarks on each, including details on regions they include or exclude.


IQ Option – EU, CYSEC-Regulated. Min Deposit $10. Min Trade $1. Global Multi-Language Support. Demo accs automatically available HERE. Wide Asset Selection. Proprietary Platform with Industry-Leading Indicator and Charting Features. Mobile App Available. Only Broker To Offer (As Low As) 5s Interval Charts, and Weekend OTC Trading. This is what I currently use for Webinars!
(Not Accepting: USA, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Japan)

My comments: Possibly the most technologically-advanced Binary Options platform around, with many unique charting capabilities, wide asset selection, and high payouts. Timer mode is count-down system. Top draws for this platform include the high payouts of up to 92% per successful trade (with VIP accounts, available for just $3000 and above!), and the ability to early-close trades up to 20seconds before expiry time. Efficient live chat, sales team not pushy. The downsides for this broker will be that despite having many features that traders will like, there is a constantly-adjusting “maximum trade size”, typically between $1100-$15000, as they do most of their liquidity in-house. I believe this will improve as their user-base expands. But till then, it’s still a great broker for acc sizes up to US$30K. 
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24 Options – CYSEC-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $24. Operating from Cyprus. Demo accs available with deposit. Scipio Trading Platform. Quick, App-Based Acc Verification. Mobile App Available.
(Not accepting: Those in USA, Australia, Canada, Belgium, France and some other countries)

My comments: No-nonsense broker with great asset selection that’s quick and fuss-free on payment. Up to 88% pay-out per successful trade. However if the prediction of the trader is wrong, he will lose all of his invested capital. 24Option also offers a free demo account provided that the minimum deposit requirement is satisfied.”
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Bull Binary – EU, CYSEC-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $1. Operating from Cyprus. Demo accs available with deposit. Spot Option V2 Platform with Candlestick Charting. Mobile App Available.

(Not accepting: USA, Canada)

My comments: The main plus-point here is the $1 trade size, and the always-on helpful live chat. Using the Spot Option platform, take note of wide, 6-8pip price discrepancies between broker and external sources during high news periods. Otherwise, the execution on short term trading is decent and predictable. The “cancel” function is also an under-rated big feature, but do check terms and conditions to not over-do it.
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ETX Capital – UK, FCA-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $10. Operating from UK. Demo accs available with deposit. MarketsPulse Platform. Mobile App Available.

My comments: Probably the fastest trade execution in the market, but slowest verification team I ever experienced. Probably their binary department is under-staffed? Some known credit card processing issues. If you meet with errors,
process the charge over the phone. Good on 
withdrawals.  Great broker so long you are patient with the verification. Has a local office in the UK you can visit. Doesn’t hassle you via phone either!
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High-Low Markets – AU, ASIC-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $10. Operating from Australia. Demo acc available without deposit. Markets Pulse Platform. Mobile App Available.
(Also Accepting Those in Australia, New Zealand)

My comments: High Low is a heavy weight in the Australian Binary market, being the first binary broker there. Previously, I never supported them because they only had 15min, 1h, and 2h expiries, but they finally wisened up to listen to the wants of traders, and have since added 30s, 1min, 3min, 5min and other popular expiries too! Execution is quick, as it’s the same platform ETX uses. With payouts starting from 82% to as high as 100%, it makes them a really strong contender.
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Olymp Trade – International Financial Commission-Regulated. Min Deposit $10 (Need to deposit $500 to join The Binary Lab Group). Min Trade $1. Multi-Language Support. Demo accs automatically available HERE. Wide Asset Selection. Proprietary Platform with Various Indicator and Charting Features Available. Mobile App Available. Chart time frames as small as 15s!
(Not Accepting: USA, UK, EU-Zone)

My comments: Quite similar to IQ Option (you can read my review above), but there are a few distinct differences. Some advantages, some disadvantages. The advantages include being able to sell trades up to 5s before expiry. The max trade size is FIXED at $2000, not variable, so you can budget your acc and trade size. Unlike IQ, trades go through regardless of volatility (even during news) or connection bandwidth. There are more GBP pairs, and available throughout the day. Olymp Trade lets you choose either Classic Fixed Expiries, or the Count-Down system. Disadvantages over IQ are that there’s no weekend trading, and payouts are generally slightly lower. All in all, this is a great platform, and many are drawn to the overall cleaner interface, precise execution and sell feature that runs up to 5s before.
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This is the ONLY binary broker accepting USA customers at this point.


Markets World – British Isles, GSC Regulated. Min Deposit $20(Need to deposit $500 to join The Binary Lab Group). Min Trade $1. Operating from Isle of Man. Demo accs available without deposit, HERE. Proprietary Platform. Mobile App Available.
(Accepts customers from MOST countries, including USA)

My comments: No-frills broker that uses fast-loading, true tick charts. Various expiry times available right from 1min, 2min, then the nearest 5min, and every 10min interval to several hours later. Timer mode is the Expiry Countdown type. One of the best tick charts on the market. However, there are drawbacks. This being.. you can’t really have precise 1min or 2min trades. I’ll always be a bit more or a bit less than, that finish on a particular minute. Not good for those who want to have your trade run on slightly on to the next minute. Also, there’s a wait of 10s if you’d like to place additional trades on the same expiry time. Having said that, execution is quick, and it’s a reliable, if not quirky broker, as reviewed by members of Binary Lab.
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Good trading,

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P.S. I get this a lot… Why isn’t Banc De Binary included? Because their sales people are hard-selling con-artists. In fact, they just lost their license too. Check out this video for details.

P.P.S. For those in the United States, I suggest you use Markets World, listed above.