Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Regulated Binary Brokers 

Hey Traders, if you are looking to trade with greater security, trading with regulated binary brokers will give you more peace of mind – especially when withdrawals are concerned.

Depending on where you’re located, one or two of these will appeal to you more than the rest, as some may even have physical offices that you can visit in your country to deposit and withdraw funds at (i.e. ETX Capital in UK, Vantage FX in NSW, Australia)

These are not all the regulated brokers out there, but the ones that I feel are legit, and feedback from current members is good.

**Note: All of these are for those residing outside the USA.
(Clarification: If you’re from the USA, but live outside the USA on a valid pass, you qualify. Re-deposits and withdrawals will be processed as normal even after you leave the non-USA country.)

Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Here are the regulated brokers we work with, with some brief remarks on each, including details on regions they include or exclude.

24 Options – CYSEC-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $24. Operating from Cyprus. Demo accs available with deposit. Tech Financial Platform. Quick, App-Based Acc Verification. This is what I use on webinars.
(Not accepting: Those in Australia, Canada, Belgium, France)

My comments: No-nonsense broker with great asset selection that’s quick and fuss-free on payment. Take note that you can ask for payout increases, at the expense
of minimum trade. I.e., I currently receive 4% higher payouts than standard, for $120 min trade. Take note of “spreads” on the exotic crosses during news periods. Amid the plus points, I remind you that their min trade is higher, so you should be starting with $750 or more unless you want “drama” on your acc balance.
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ETX Capital – UK, FCA-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $10. Operating from UK. Demo accs available with deposit. MarketsPulse Platform.

My comments: Probably the fastest trade execution in the market, but slowest verification team I ever experienced. Probably their binary department is under-staffed? Some known credit card processing issues. If you meet with errors,
process the charge over the phone. Good on 
withdrawals.  Great broker so long you are patient with the verification. Has a local office in the UK you can visit. Doesn’t hassle you via phone either!
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Vantage FX – AU, ASIC-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $10. Operating from Australia. Demo accs available without deposit, HERE. Tech Financial Platform.
(Also Accepting Those in Australia, Canada, New Zealand)

My comments: New entrant to Binary, but solid rep in the Forex industry. Quick acc verifications within 4-12 hours! Same platform as 24 Option, accepting many 
deposit currencies. Take note of “spreads” on the exotic crosses during news periods.  Not too many feedbacks yet, but I think they’re one to watch…
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Bull Binary – EU, CYSEC-Regulated. Min Deposit $250. Min Trade $1. Operating from Cyprus. Demo accs available with deposit. Spot Option V2 Platform with Candlestick Charting.

My comments: The main plus-point here is the $1 trade size, and the always-on helpful live chat. Using the Spot Option platform, take note of wide, 6-8pip price discrepancies between broker and external sources during high news periods. Otherwise, the execution on short term trading is decent and predictable. The “cancel” function is also an under-rated big feature, but do check terms and conditions to not over-do it.
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If you’ve opened and funded any accounts with these brokers using the links above, write us at [email protected] so we can keep a record, which will help us assist you in resolution matters should any arise.

** Non-Binary Lab members opening accounts with us through these links earn a FREE Binary Lab membership.

Good trading,

Founder, The Binary Lab

P.S. I get this a lot… Why isn’t Banc De Binary included? Because their sales people are hard-selling con-artists. In fact, they just lost their license too. Check out this video for details.

P.P.S. For those in the United States, I suggest you use Binary Mate. For a demonstration on how to use it, check out this video!