Crappy Trading Conditions? You Might Be Looking at An “Unreasonable Market” and Here’s How To Deal With It….

Hey traders, just like one of the days last week where I ended a webinar early, me and my Binary members just witnessed on a new webinar how some “sure-shot” trade setups didn’t work out the way we expected. They either barely won, tied, or lost. What better time than now, to make a post on this.

What Are “Unreasonable Market Conditions”?

When I say “sure-shot”, I mean – for reversals, all the indicators are showing Overbought/Oversold (depending on Put/Call trade), Trendline Bounce, Fibonacci Key Level… etc; for breakouts, smaller than 6 pip consolidation, bullish/bearish divergence, moving average alignment and separation, widening bands, CCI breakout, etc…. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK!

Ever experienced that? How annoying right? Then, you could be familiar with “Unreasonable Market Conditions”. It isn’t too different from unreasonable people. Watch this video as I relate the two, and suggest how you should trade it.

Unreasonable Trading Conditions And Unreasonable People


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Live Trainings on Handling Unreasonable Market Conditions

I think the biggest problem that a newbie trader will face, is the failure to recognise a bad, “unreasonable” market, and “overtrading” is a sin that happens regularly even to the most experienced of traders. This is where Binary Lab can help you!

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Good trading,

Julian Wong
Founder, The Binary Lab

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P.P.S. Good trades should always work nicely in the first 2 bars of the trade progress. Here is one example of a “Sure-Shot” trade working out.

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