Reflection on Facebook “Memories”: Would I Have My Old Life Back?

For those of you with a Facebook account, you must be familiar with the “Memories” feature, where it will sporadically show you old posts of yours from 1, 2, or more years ago in your home screen, and ask you if you’d like to re-share it. It made me recall how I used to live, and as movies, someone would offer the protagonist an opportunity for him to return to his previous life. It’s one of those Matrix “Blue Pill or Red Pill” moments.. just introspectively…
Matrix Blue Pill or Red Pill Quote

Would I Have My Old Life Back?

Watch the video above. If any bit strikes a chord with you, or a few, gladly leave your comment below, “Like” and “Share” this post!

Why You Should Pamper Yourself at Least Once a Week

Remember on my recent FB post, I mentioned that you should pamper yourself once a week? That’s so that it will condition your mind to grow to accept the “desirably occasional” as your normal, and make you want to find ways and means to afford it so, and subsequently keep pushing yourself to grow and grow.

Try this out. Thats’ what worked for me.


Julian Wong
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8 thoughts on “Reflection on Facebook “Memories”: Would I Have My Old Life Back?”

  1. I like this bro …will definitely join your group this few days no matter how small my investment is…I need to wait for the month end pay…I’ve experienced losses already due to lack of skills and guidance added with emotional attitude that led to wrong actions on my previous trading..finding you here gives me hope again…Your experience in sports coaching really reflecting and motivating……Thank you

    1. Thanks for your support Johannes! I suggest you look in my broker list and pick something that allows you to trade with $1 or $5. If you’re in Malaysia, I have several broker options you can choose from. Incidentally, I’m now in Malaysia! But just for 2 days for a family getaway.

  2. hey Julian,Am Andy,
    I want to join your winning team what I need on my side to get started….I’d like a good broker with a start up trade from $1 – $5….Am from Swaziland… how about Ayrex some trader said its good on withdrawls and fast when trading

  3. I’ve never heard anyone who runs one of these communities or groups speak about their person life and identify with me. For some reason I believe this guy, his passion, and his truth. I’m going to drink the water and give 100% following Julian to see what’s going to happen.

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