Crypto Market Crash or “Flash Sale”?

What’s happening? Crypto market crash? Or do we take this as a “Flash Sale”? In this email, I will share with you info I gathered, and also my thoughts.

Just hours ago, the crypto market took a bit hit with the overall market cap dropping 32% from US$680Billion to US$460Billion. The various “majors” like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Iota, etc, took hits from 28-48%. Ripple held best, but eventually succumbed, falling from the day high of $1.24 to $0.77.

I found out that cryptocurrency trading regulation kicked in, early, with Korea and Russia this week. Also, several national banks are suspending wire transfers from customer accounts to popular crypto exchanges. A friend of mine even got his US bank account suspended! Xfers isn’t working for Singapore also. It’s obvious that banks are perceiving crypto as a threat to their existence. Even Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, says that in 10 years, the banks of today will be replaced by blockchain wallets.

Nonetheless, my personal thought is “buy on dips”. Warren Buffet may be adverse to crypto, but his approach of buying in market panic is the choice approach right now! Buy your marked down cryptos right now! During my FB lives for my Thai group and also my Binary Elite Community, Bitcoin Cash rose 8.6%! Eth rose about 7+%!

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