A True Story I’ve Never Told

There’s a true story about me I’ve never told. It might be inspiring to you or someone you know, especially if you’ve ever been teased, out-casted, or felt like an Odd-ball.

Many people may not be aware of the mess my life was in 7 years ago. Broken marriage. 2 kids I loved but struggled to feed or keep a roof over their heads. Piling debt. Traditional business failure. Didn’t know what to do with my life.

Many people like to say, “it’s easy for you to say, you’re rich. I’m not.”

The truth is, I’ve been in worst pits and deeper debt than most people and have been able to turn my life around.

A real story never before told. If you have ever been called “strange” or “weird” or felt like a misfit, read on…

7 years ago my life was in a mess. Google and Facebook policy revisions ended my short-lived success in #internetmarketing just as I was starting to be able to pay off debts from failed traditional business. Dreaded credit notices in the mail which I never opened. Broken marriage. Two kids I loved dearly but struggled to feed let alone keep a roof over our heads. Having to walk 2km to the nearest bus stop and wait at least 30 mins to get anywhere at all. I wouldn’t even call it living!

Fast forward to present. #binaryoptions has changed my life and that of my family in more ways than one. It’s interesting what can happen when you realize your capability and inner gift. My wife (I remarried btw) noted that I have peculiarities in my behavior and reasoning and suggested I test for #aspergers and #autism. It so turns out that I’m on the higher end of the normal spectrum. Students used to complain that I teach too fast. Then I realized that others don’t see things the way I do. I pay attention to minor details others often ignore; I’m able to quickly recognize patterns, visualize and adjust strategies in my mind’s eye.

If other people ever looked upon you as strange but find that you can some of these things too, be happy. It’s a blessing. I was out-casted by most, save for a few good friends since first grade through to the end of high school – for being an “Odd-ball”. Too geeky for the main crowd, but not smart enough to fit in with the nerds. After I recently took this test, and also watched the “Good Doctor” TV series, I am thankful and comfortable in my own skin.

This long rant is not to say that… If you want to live in a nice big house, drive nice cars and go on awesome vacations, then trade binary options. Well, for some of you, this could be where talent meets income. But for anyone else, I just want to say that no one’s perfect. God, our creator is fair. For your short comings, you have stronger strengths than an ordinary person. It’s there, somewhere you may not have found yet. I certainly hope you do.

Anyway, it’s funny how this post evolved. The original title was going to be a short one:
“Any #petrolheads out there? My garage with 900+ hp! Stage2+ #auditts#unitronic Stage1 #volvoxc90t8 #turbocharged #boostedlife #tradingislife


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