This Guy Nearly Lost $1000 To A Binary Scammer!

I may have warned this 100s of times but it’s never enough. This guy NEARLY lost $1000 to an imposter, posing as me, promising 35000% gains in 2 weeks.  I took 2 months to grow my #1Kto10KProject account 254.3% from $1000 to $3543. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. This video is the exact responses of this nearly-victim.

Watch My Scam Warning Video Now!

Fortunately, this guy came back to my youtube channel to verify if the email was indeed from us. No it wasn’t. You guys already know what email I use, right? This one. And I generally mail my entire subscribers’ list, just like I’m doing now. I do reply messages every now and then, but I just get lots of mails. If anyone wishes to contact, post inside our FB group, and if you’re not a member, go to my FB page monitored by my webmasters and admins at They pass on anything beyond their knowledge to me, to reply personally.

Watch My Scam Warning Video Now!

In fact I also just uploaded a video, entitled, “Binary Trading Strategy Not Working?” using a very good analogy to help you understand why is it that sometimes, a strategy that is usually 80-95% accurate, may not work at all!

I’m stopping trading on my challenge account for the #1kTo10K project at $3543 this month, as I’ve had enough drama tackling the ever-changing conditions this month, and will leave it for next month to shoot for 7k or 8k. Having said that, I did some recreational trading earlier on my wife’s acc, and “rescued” her $250 account which was down to $85, by bringing it up 60% to $137, in just 35mins. Not a bad idea, to “play” with a small account to hit your trading “fix” if demo accounts don’t give you enough of a kick. I was trading relatively large though, as if it was play money. Some how I didn’t feel any jitters at all. Quite a nice winning streak in fact. I recommend IQ Option (Not for those in US, Canada, Australia), if you want to mess around. The $1 min trade, high payouts, early closure of trades are such awesome features. As a matter of fact, you can even do some Weekend Trading at IQ Option, if you’re outside the EU zone! Get an IQ Option live or demo acc HERE!

If you’re in USA, Marketsworld (watch my recent review here)

Let’s forge for profits together in May!

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