[Problem Solved] Iungo Network Token Balance Didn’t Update?

Hey Traders,

There were a few of you who emailed me or messaged me on Telegram/Facebook regarding your Iungo ICO Token Balance not updating after funding via Coinbase, Kraken, etc. I later found that my balance wasn’t correct either. However, I found the way to fix this solution – without having to waste time in getting a customer support reply.

Problem: I logged in to check my balance several hours after my BTC deposit transaction sent from my exchange wallet supposed to have gone through, but still saw invoice for outstanding payment, with a “Pay” button beside it, and my ING (Iungo Token) balance remained “0”. I tried refreshing the page, but the result remained the same.

Solution: I went into my email, so if you signed up with FB, check the email associated with your FB account (likewise if you signed up via Google+), and click the Order Confirmation email from “Iungo Network”. There will be a button that takes you to check your updated balance. I clicked that and “voila!” Worked!

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Good trading,

Binary Lab

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