Does Winning Ever Get Boring For You?


Here’s a psychological question. Does winning ever get boring for you? Have you ever been in a situation, where you have a method that works well, such as the optimized martingale system I recently introduced that produces predictable gains based on trend probability – that gets you BORED? The reason why I ask this question is because it’s come to my realization, that in follow up to my Special Video Training video. It’s actually very important that we trade in such a way that suits our personality.

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Let me share with you a little anecdotal story. True story btw. Today my wife and I were in the car and I was driving on the expressway in Bangkok after a doctor’s appointment. If any of you has ever been in the same car when I take the wheel, you will know that I am a racing freak, EXTREMELY impatient, and treat every journey like a stage of Real Racing 3, my fingers are ceaselessly flapping at the paddle shifters on either side of the steering wheel to get the best gear ratio to slip into any opening, blast straight and find the next opening between vehicles. On the way to the appointment it was storming as soon as I entered the expressway and I had no choice to go at moderate 80-90km/h to avoid aqua-planing. Not that visibility was great either. Closer to the destination, off the expressway, as some areas were flooded, I was extremely annoyed with over-cautious drivers crawling along at 8-12km/h.  On the way back, the rain and stopped and the flooding had receded into puddles. The cars were moving quicker too. Not before long I was doing bursts of 160-210km/h wherever possible, and cussing away at any “slow poke” who would carelessly wander into my path, and drive slow. My wife asked my why I always seemed so heated up and agitated when I drive, and why can’t I just chill? Toward the end of the journey, I even deliberately missed the exit, paid extra highway toll charges, so I could have more un-interrupted driving and catching the later U-turn. My wife doesn’t get it at all. She often suggests I take the train instead for less drama. The truth is that I deeply enjoy it. When my kids are late for school, while I am annoyed at them dilly-dallying around but I always look forward to the challenge of getting to the destination on time, or ahead of time! Drivers out there.. ever felt that way? It’s just so exhilarating right?

Imagine if you’re someone into cars and driving if you aren’t already one. I would rather drive, and face the challenges of traffic, paying toll fees and speeding tickets, and even on very unfortunate occasions, having to pull up road side to fix a flat tyre and TRY HARD to be on time, than to cram with people on the train and reach my destination in a predictable transit time.

What I really meant to say via this story, is that when it comes to trading, I personally get bored to death with a series of many small consistent wins at times, and rather have the drama of having my trading account climbing, dropping, and climbing again.

An aunt of mine is the exact opposite of me. She owns a car, but only ever uses it to take my grand-uncle for his hospital appointments (which is only 4-5 times a month, max), preferring to take the bus and train at all other times. Why? She told me she sometimes gets nervous breakdown on the roads trying to change lanes or looking out for the correct turns to take.

Everyone is a different kind of trader. You need to know yourself, and use the strategy that is best suited for your personality. It’s also good to know a variety of strategies, because sometimes certain situations will only accept a certain trading approach. Just like, as much as I detest driving in the slower lanes, I often still have to do that if I’m in an unfamiliar area where I may miss a turn.

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Sometimes I’d rather see-saw my account and have periods of explosive growth, than get a constant rate of growth.

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