What Governments Don’t Want You To Know About In Crypto

I made a VLOG video about “What the Governments Don’t Want You To Know About Crypto”. The fact that I get told by naive friends, relatives, in-laws, parents, even, that I should stay away from Bitcoin and crypto currencies is very un-nerving. When I ask where they got the “info” from, it’s always traced to some in the news they saw or read – which upon checking, is 99% of the time, a re-hash of old news, or inaccurate news by some journalist who doesn’t know what he’s writing about.

Watch it here:


My response to someone saying “the bitcoin bubble is about to burst”, is always the same. I’d say, “yes, thank you, I’ve already taken measures to spread my capital around in a few other cryptos to mediate forms of risk”. Lol! You could borrow that line too if you like! Truth be told, I’m almost always up on my portfolio – because of diversification. Look out for my upcoming modular crypto trading/investing course, as I’ll be covering how to build a market-fluctuation-proof portfolio. In the mean time, watch the video (Link Above!)

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P.S. Binary trading looking good again, with all the big players coming back on the markets. Get Back With it Here! In my next video, I’ll be explaining about the phenomena as to why Binary trades in December got very crappy and why they’ve come good again.

P.P.s. Those of you wondering why the crypto markets dived despite the influx of capital, read this article:

P.P.P.s. “What the Governments Don’t Want You To Know About Crypto” – https://youtu.be/wIZPK3ArwDM

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