Grow Your Trading Account With These OTC Tips!

Because I REALLY think trends on OTC are so easy to spot and ride!I’ve just done a three in a row on real account, and stopped to write this email so you’re not left out from this really good time to trade!

Firstly, many people think that IQ Option OTC trading is rigged to make you lose no matter what trade you take, I want to prove you wrong. Using the same price feed (live and demo share the same price feed at IQ Option), I want to show you that money can indeed be made. In fact, I compounded all capital and profit from one trade to the next trade, so basically there was NO ROOM for error. You can sign up for IQ Option to do OTC here…

Secondly, I wanted to test the accuracy of some tweaks to a counter-intuitive strategy I have been sharing in my recent Binary Lab webinars, which several of members are already seeing great results with.

Thirdly, for all those silly stackers out there, I want to show you, that IF perfect accuracy can be obtained, isn’t this a much more efficient and elegant way of trading, in comparison to taking 10-20 clicks of the same trade and losing 35% of them.

Fourthly (and lastly), let’s have a serious think about “Profit Compounding”. You don’t necessarily have to do what I did in this video, which is all-in on each trade. In fact, I don’t even recommend that. However, why not look into taking a % of your account, 2-5% perhaps, and when you win that trade, keep going on with it. You could possibly turn USD50 on your USD1000 account into 1.5K in a few minutes of work!
I’m compounding 66% each time. As it stands, I find this puts me in a profit even if I lose my next trade.

The plan…. The take another shot making my profit compound work on LIVE!

Here’s a useful video I made today to help you guys out there pick more winning trades this weekend on OTC* (*for those whom OTC trading is available)! Watch this video to understand how OTC works differently from regular weekday markets and how you can take advantage of the 2-day-a-week opportunity it presents!

If you’ve struggled in the past with OTC, finding that your weekday strategies just don’t work out the same way, or, perhaps you had a working OTC strategy that never worked on weekdays, I explain it all in this video. Be sure to check it out!

As I’m aware that OTC is not available in all countries, and some brokers have OTC scripts that are just pure scammy, follow my video link, as in the Youtube video description, I also have included broker recommendations for you, ranked in order of features, feedbacks and ease of operation.

P.S. For those already in Binary Lab, check out my most recent webinar replay for detailed OTC trading information. Also check my latest post in the FB group.
(Non-Members can join HERE to gain access to this great community and wealth of information!)

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