The Limiting Belief Holding Most Traders Back From Success in Their Trading Goals

In this video I recorded earlier today and uploaded to my Youtube Channel, I revealed the MAIN limiting belief that holds most traders back from much-desired success in their trading goals.

Today alone, I did a FB Live, and also This video. This video uploaded to my Youtube channel is far more to the point and is 15mins of PURE VALUE for your trading mindset.

How relevant is this to you? After being inspired by my compounding example video uploaded weeks ago on my Youtube Channel, two of my students achieved great trading feats that are still widely discussed in my community. Gabriel from Singapore grew his account from 5K to 55K in 2 hours*. Suthichai from Thailand, grew his account from $300 to $2500* between last Wednesday and today. After briefly chatting with both of them, I realized that the common reason behind both of their success, is the LACK of the limiting belief discussed in my video!

(*Profits gained on correctly-predicted trades.)

As I will share with you in this video too, I recently had Trader’s mental block at the 5K and 7K marks with my #1Kto10KProject account because I too, had been limited by LIMITING BELIEF. I then went on to grow my wife’s “play” account that had been at $109 as of April 28, to $245 in a span of under 60minutes*. No doubt, the trades were big by proportion, but not a problem at all with a good ITM-rate. Tristan, another of my students, pointed out that knowledge can be a double-edged sword – like how we went from being once-fearless rookie traders, to being skeptical, over-cautious knowledgeable traders.

You could be committing grave errors in your money management concept. Watch this video so that you can be set free!


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