How to join the binary lab?

Welcome guys, You already know that The Binary Lab is a great community of quality binary options traders. Many of newbie visitors are looking to join. So I am going to write about how to join the binary lab?

I think you already know that It is completely free to join. That means you don’t have to pay extra money to join. If you start your trading journey, You will be able to join just by creating your desired broker account.

To create your broker account, you have to fill up my joining form. After submitting your information, my PA will create a broker account and will respond you with your login information. Then you can login and change your password for security reason.

Click to fill up the joining from now!

After creating a broker account, you have to deposit the minimum amount. That’s it. After deposit, Please forward the Deposit Confirmation email to the same binary lab email address.

Also, you can add my PA on Facebook. He will add you to the secret Facebook group. His Facebook URL is

Also, I want to inform you that there is no alternative way to join the binary lab without creating a broker account. But in the future, I am thinking to release a membership website where you will be able to join by paying one time fee without creating a broker account. I will announce by our FB page, and by website. Stay with me and learn actual binary options trading.

Happy Trading!

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34 thoughts on “How to join the binary lab?”

  1. I cannot fill the form to join the Binary Lab….
    Kindly advise if there is any problem …any other alternative way to join ?

    Thank you ,
    Lay Beng

  2. I already have broker account joining through the binarylab group link but, haven’t funded since and im looking to joining the group now and want to fund my account. What should I do?

    1. Yes. You should. If you created an account through The Binary Lab form, You can deposit now and send your deposit confirmation email to [email protected] and send a message to Lionel Tan in Facebook. He will verify and will add you to the group.

  3. Hi Binary Lab team,

    I am currently based in the US, and have created an account with you. I tried to make a deposit with Binary 360 today and was unable to. Managed to “chat” with their support team, and it was said that they don’t accept US credit cards at this point. My questions then are:

    1) Can I reselect another broker? If so, which do you recommend that accepts US credit cards? Goptions seems to have mixed reviews so aside from Goptions and Binary 360, which would you recommend?

    2) I have an account with Cherry Trade, and how not deposit anything (am a newbie). Can I somehow link it to your site or something? Have tried looking at the options to delete my account, but have been unsuccessful.

    Thank You.

    1. Hi Wong, at first thank you so much for your interest to join The Binary Lab. Most of my members from USA are using Ctoptions and Goptions. If you want to deposit in cherry trade, but not linked under binary lab, then I suggest you to create a new broker account under The Binary Lab. Because according to the current joining rule, You must have to create a broker account through TBL.

      Thank You

      1. Hi,
        I understand your rule, thus my 2nd question whether I can link my current Cherry Trade account to TBL.
        I have not done anything with that account yet, as I am new to this. Or would you suggest that I just start with a new application with TBL and go with either of the 2 brokers you mentioned?

        Thank you =)

  4. Hi Julian i have been in binary options since last year only trading small amounts until i get some experience. Just one question how different is your service from others I plan to join your signals service but i have to know more about it first.
    Thank you a lot in advance and looking for your reply.

    1. Hi, I am different from the other signal service because I actually teach my members how to trade in binary options. I run 4-6 live sessions every week where everyone can see my trading screen and hear my instruction. It is 100% transparent.

  5. Hi,

    Just wondering which broker you recommend the most when signing up with binary lab?

    I have a little experience and live in Australia so which one would be preferred for me?

    1. There is no specific recommended broker. You can select from the list. But most of the members of my group use Goptions and CToptions. You can select which you prefer most. Personally I use Goptions.


  6. Hello, I have finished filling the binarylab form and I want to know what next to do. How do I fund my account? Will I just be called by the broker I used? Am somehow skeptical if it has to be that way because someone can view my number and start calling me claiming to be calling from the trading company I registered with. I also want to know how to join the trading group because I must confess, am new to Facebook and am not familiar with it yet. Thanks.

  7. Hello,
    I have finished filling the form and i have done depositing my account. I even forwarded the email for the deposit confirmation to newaccounts[at] but still i haven’t been added you the facebook group. Could you please look into this matter thank you in advance….

  8. Hello, please I have earlier ask some relevant questions last month but there hasn’t been any answers to that. Please can I be attended to? So I can know what next to do because I have filled the form but my earlier questions haven’t been answered. My friend has also made some deposit to the broker she chose but she really wants to know why she hasn’t been added to the trading group. She has equally sent the verification of payment to your email. Thanks

  9. I Open A Broker Account Which That There is your Site And Deposit Money $250 and send deposit screnshot you with facebook… Why I do not get response?

    1. I just checked your application status. What I can see is that You have submitted an existing email which is not allowed to create an account in the broker. You need to give a new email so that my PA can create an account in the broker behalf of you. Thanks

  10. Hi Binary Lab,

    I would like to know what time GMT you do the live trading sessions. I live in São Paulo Brazil, which is -3GMT.

  11. If I join Is there someone that can help set the software and indicator stuff up for the trading?
    Is it possible to maintain profit from the lowest $250 starter deposit a newbie?
    thank you

  12. I started binary option trading 1 year back.i was not having any knowledge of trading at start that was very good for me i think .at beginning i don’t know what is stochastic what is rsi what are basics of trading. i was totally blank than joined binary lab and blindly followed julian and now i am in position to take 8 out of 10 itm in any market conditions
    If some one fails its not julian its because of his self he teaches you at level best its same as in school in class one student get first postion and some one fails what if one who fails blame teacher lol so i would say just try to learn his method with dedication and than follow these methods and rules thats all
    Honestly if some one is serious with trading join his group it can change you life really 🙂

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