Why Do People Fail To Get Money Withdrawn From Binary Options Brokers?

While it is true that some brokers indeed operate in unethical ways, in this video I will explain the other side people don’t mention – the mistakes binary options traders make which result in being unable to withdraw money from the binary options broker.

I run a voluntary Binary Options trading group called The Binary Lab to protect people from Binary Options Scams and that also educates and shows traders about trading Binary Options with LIVE sessions every day. For info on how to join,

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7 thoughts on “Why Do People Fail To Get Money Withdrawn From Binary Options Brokers?”

  1. Hi Julian,
    I am writing to ask you if you really have recieved my deposit confirmation forwarded email which i sent to the “newaccount@”, and also i sent you a screen shot message to your facebook. Can you please respond me asap.

  2. Hi Julian, just some question about funding my account in Goptions soon. I am planning to deposit using but Citibank Credit Card but, I don’t have a bank account in Citibank. Would their be any problem in withdrawing money and send it to another bank account like OCBC?thanks for your kind response.

  3. I think this will reduce the amount of people these fraud binary option brokers victimize but i still find it hard to believe there are people who actually do make profits from binary option, after investing with banc de binary and losing it all and then giving GT option a chance and the same tactics was used just that the lady who spoke to me over the phone was nicer and they always had my time until i need to withdraw. i could write on about more binary options traders i tried with little amounts like 200-500$ and they still gave me the same signals of fraud ahead. One thing i was happy for is meeting Calgary security . org . i actually did get my lost investments after months of depression and having taken a loan from my office i was not getting my usual pay anymore and bills kept piling. I just thank My stars i got it back, i would have comitted suicide, the pressure from work and people i convinced to invest with me was killing me

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