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Hey guys, Hope you all are well. According to my analysis, I have found that the newbie members don’t know the procedure to join the binary lab. Many of them are not clear about the procedure.

So I want to describe the complete procedure of joining TBL. You guys already know that I run a Facebook secret group which is the largest transparent community ever in the binary options trading industry. That is very easy to join the group. You just have to deposit in a broker account under the binary lab. But don’t create a broker account yourself. My PA will create an account for you with your provided information.

If you are a complete newbie in binary options trading, then you can join without any extra cost. Just fill up the form with your real information and wait for a response from The Binary Lab.

If you are an existing trader: According to our current joining rule, You must have to create a broker account. Till now, there is no alternative method to join until I release the paid membership website. For instance, If you have an existing account in Goptions, You can select any other broker from the shortlist of the joining form.

After submitting the joining form, you will get an email with your login details. Once you get your login details, you can change your password for security reason. After changing password, you deposit the minimum amount to join The Binary Lab. You may find the minimum amount in the joining form.

After successfully deposit your broker account, forward your deposit confirmation email to the same email address. My PA will verify your deposit and will add you the Facebook secret group. 🙂

So let me overview the steps again:

1. Fill up the registration form.
2. Wait for a response from my PA up to 2 business days.
3. After getting the email confirmation with your login details, change the password for security reason and send a friend request to my PA (Lionel Tan) Vallri in Facebook. You will get his Facebook link in the email.
4. Deposit the minimum amount and forward the deposit confirmation email to the same email address.
5. You will be added to our Facebook Secret Trading Group 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Joining procedure of The Binary Lab”

  1. Hi
    Just wanted to know whether GOption is regulated. Ive looked online at it doesnt seem to say. Ive lost money in the past due to binary scammers so Im just a bit more skeptical when going to a new broker.


    1. Hi Ayo, Goptions is not a regulated broker. But there are a wide shortlist of regulated and unregulated brokers in the joining form. You may select one which you like most. I am using Goptions and it is nice for me. Many of my members are also using it.


  2. I am a newbie before I found out about the binary lab
    I open a email and out of curiosity follow their lead ended up opening an account and started to look around to learn more about binary options
    I never made any trades
    I read your post about joining and it say if you have a broker’s account you must choose another broker
    What does this mean ?
    Because I never traded only open accounts to browse to be honest I can’t even remember what they are called because the all look the same . do I have a broker’s account ?
    See your utube post made me interested in joining you to learn your wisdom
    Thank you I be waiting for your reply

  3. Hi

    Am new to the trading world and i had no idea how to trade. so if i join your Binary Lab, do i get trained to trade? if Yes, how will i go about it. Do you use software like others? my question in summary is how and when do i start trading


        1. Sign up on the “Join” page, my PA will internally create your broker account based on your particulars given on the joining form, and send you your login details via email. Next you will make your broker deposit and send the deposit confirmation to the same email.

  4. Hey Julian I would really love to join your group but I’m already a member with G options and I would like to stay with them. Is there anyway possible I can still join The secret group on Facebook please?

      1. Please allow me to join I will pay a slight fee to be part of the group. I feel like I’m trading alone. Could you please make a way for people like me to be a part of the team?

        1. Hi Erik, Actually I am not receiving any fee from my members. And according to the joining rule, You must have to create a broker account through the binary lab. Thanks

  5. Hi Admin, I had been contacted via facebook saying that you can provide a service which you can trade for us… is this true? For your info this person give me an email address as shown: [email protected]. Need your further clarification on this matter before I lost money on scammers.


      1. Thanks..appreciate your reply… I am thinking of joining your group but need a broker that let me withdraw my money without any problem.

  6. So it seems like we fill out a form giving you our sign up info which you take and open the account for us with the broker we choose from your list. I’m OK with this just wondering why you have to open the account on our behalf?

    1. It is because, My PA creates the account for you so your account is tracked under me successfully without having any tracking trouble. Hope you understand. Thanks

      1. Yes that’s pretty much what I thought. I am not concerned about joining The Lab. I am really wanting to join. My concern is making withdrawals on any possible gains. Requests for Passport copies, Credit Card scans, Social Security numbers, Bank statements all seem excessive and a guaranteed recipe for identity theft. Am I wrong?

        1. According to broker terms, You have to submit your national ID card or passport to verify your identity. However, You don’t have to submit your credit card’s scan copy. IF you submit just blur your numbers. That’s it.

  7. Hi Admin,
    May I know what is the deposit procedure like?
    Do I need to tell the broker my credit card information when they called me?


    1. Hi Edwin, I’m also from Singapore. You can just deposit via the website if it makes you feel more secure than doing so over the phone with a sales person. However, in some limited cases when there’s issues in website deposit, then try doing it over the phone with one of their staff.

  8. Good day Julian

    I already have an account with 24Option that i opened long time ago.
    What must i do to join your lab, am based in South Africa.

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