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You guys already know that The Binary Lab is now on fire. 200+ members are being added every month. I am getting lot’s of newbie query about joining requirements. What you actually need to join the binary lab? This is a very common question. So pls let me tell you briefly in this short post.

First of all if you are a complete newbie and never created any broker account before, you need to create a broker account under the binary lab. This is the main point to join us. So your requirements are:

1. Enough Funds to invest minimum $250, But recommended is at least $1000.
2. A laptop or Desktop computer.
3. Reliable internet connection.
4. Understanding Charting software. It is very easy once you join The Binary Lab 😀
5. Patience. (Most important)

That all for newbies. Just click the link below and fill up the joining form to join my group. But if you an existing trader and you already have several broker accounts, please select any other broker in this case. We don’t have any alternative option available to join. Creating broker account is mandatory. But Once I release the paid membership website, you can join by paying an extra fee without creating a broker account.

So the requirements for existing traders are almost same as newbie traders. You may have some experience of using charting software and about other basic things. That will help you to learn my strategy fast than completely newbie members. But requirements are almost same for everyone who wants to join The Binary Lab.

Click the link below and fill the joining form carefully with your real information. Please Don’t put any existing email address which was used before to create an account in the same broker. You may not receive any response in this case.I hope if make sense.

Happy trading 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Joining requirements for The Binary Lab”

  1. Hi, I requested membership to your group. I had selected and found out that I have a account with them. So can I still join your trading group once I fund the account.

    Thank you

  2. Hi there, I recently created an account on GOptions under Julian Wong as my referral. The thing is I did not sign up through this site’s sign up form because I signed up through the old website ( I have already made the deposit and I have the deposit confirmation email. I would like to know if I can still be added to the group?

    1. Hi, there is no fixed time for the sessions. It completely depends on the high impact news releases. Julian takes sessions when high impact news releases. But most of the sessions held between 8-10am or 8-10pm (EST). Julian announces about the next session before one day by our Facebook group. You may find the upcoming sessions in the EVENTS tab of the group once you are a member of it.
      To join
      Thanks 🙂

    1. You can. But I don’t recommend you to do that. Better, you come back with a laptop for hassle free trading. But you can join my webinar with phone.

  3. Hi!
    I’m from Philippines but i reside in Dubai, UAE. I want to join your group but i don’t know if binary option trading is allowed in UAE. Which broker would you recommend? I would like to have a regulated broker so that my account would be protected. Thank you.

      1. Please, since I have already registered with your binarylab, please is the next thing that is required of me? I registered with goptions and I have been receiving mails from them, telling me that they understand I registered through binarylab, and they further reached me through my cellphone telling me to deposit. Please, are you guys still working with them? In want to know if am to deposit with them or not, and again, is 500 dollars ok for my account as a newbie? Am tired of loosing every time trading on my own . its frustrating though

  4. Hello, I just registered to be added to The Binary Lab a few seconds ago. I created an account with Goptions on Friday but I have not made a deposit. Will I still be able to be added to your group?

  5. Hi im interested in joining the lab and I have registered with BDswiss. Do you know about them are they brokers?
    If so can I use them when sighing with you.

  6. i tried to learned by myself and i didnt make to be consistent in trading i started trading month ago with 3 different broker but cant go with the good trade …i won 1 loss 3 times ,,thats my average ..losing my money ..i think i need to depend to your program ,,i want to join but cant afford to a big fund ,,is it okay to start for a $250 .i want to join sir

  7. Hi,

    If one has registered to a broker under BinaryLab, and for some reason got scammed by the broker or the broker declined withdrawing his/her profits even though the account was verified in the beginning, is it possible for you to help him/her out?

    1. We can help but only to a limited degree. For instance, as you know we are referring affiliates for various brokers. What we typically do, is enforce them to sort out a certain case/or cases and hold back new registrations for that broker until the problem is dealt with.

  8. Hi
    I wonder if you can help or advise me? I signed with Binary uno as they advertised to give free software n got called by a rep who took a deposit. As he did not ring back or send the info within a short time as promised. I called their customer svs to cancel and withdraw – less than 2 hrs after join. I have not satisfy their compliance or start trade yet. I’m a complete newbie. That’s why I got sucked in with the training n software, etc.
    I rang n email several times to try get my deposit back.. but they said ok but vague.. not good form. Can you advise what I can do? I came to read more on binary n saw your website, watch your YouTube. I still don’t understand and quite scared. I’m very keen to learn to do this well n full time as I quit job. I just open a Facebook ac today so I can connect to your trainings and tips.
    How much do I pay to join your broker?
    I don’t have much to start with, and hope to get my deposit back from that scamlike co. Thank you!

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