Love Blockchain? Let’s Do Our Part To Save Crypto

The crypto space has been dealt with some very serious blows from the blanket party by government legislators consolidating their efforts to add on damage to investors’ fear and confusion by renewed worries of a ban on crypto-currency trading in South Korea, and similar restrictions in China – two of the world’s biggest drivers by market trade volume. Since early January’s high of $800 Billion in total market cap, the markets have taken a 44% hit – as of today, with total market cap down to $450 billion – that’s 90billion lower than just yesterday’s average.

I’ve made a Youtube Live video just to explain the situation so you can understand the drivers of price, support levels, and also put these market moves in perspective.

Institutional investors have pulled out and are camping on the side, while retail investors can’t make their minds up on whether to stay or liquidate. In this video, I will explain what’s driving the current market reaction, what defines support level, and what we can do to protect our opportunity to profit from #blockchain #fintech

**Risk Warning: trading in these financial instruments carry a high level of risk. You may lose part or all of your capital.

P.S. As promised in my previous FB Live, here’s one solid ICO to look at this week. (using this link gets you an instant 35% discount.)
**Another tip, this ICO uses a similar ICO script as another ICO we recently looked into. If you’re using an exchange wallet, suggest you send in BTC. Send in Eth only if you’re sending via MEW or Metamask according to the Gwei and Gas instructions inside the members’ panel. I sent Eth via exchange wallet and it took me nearly 2 days for confirmation.


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