BitConnect Go Bust?

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In case you haven’t been following, Ponzi “scam-coin” Bitconnect made headlines a day ago for shutting down their lending program on early week’s market crash, and losing some people up to 95% of their un-withdrawn funds. In a total contrast, today, they made some people 15x on their investment, in under 24 hours. Crazy right?

I made a video detailing this entire Bitconnect drama and my thoughts on this. Watch it here:

Bitconnect releasing all its pre-mined coins and closing its “lending operations” sent the coin, once listed in the top 10, into just outside of the top 100 coins, losing 95% of it’s value. Watch this video as I discuss what’s behind the huge drop, the record recovery which made it a top-gainer in the last 24 hours, and what I think of #bitconnect‘s latest project, the #bitconnectx ICO. After watching this video, was Bitconnect a Scam, Opportunity, or Both?

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P.s. A petition of 200,000+ signatures has forced South Korea government to overturn their decision to ban crypto currency trading! Business as usual for everyone!

P.p.s. I think BCC has gone out of steam, but this is still a great case study.

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Instead of BitconnectX, I’d rather look at the USI Tech Coin ICO.

You can watch my video on it here:

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