Weekly Binary Options Market Analysis and Webinar Schedule – 4th Week Jan 2017

Hi Traders! Looking back on the past 3 weeks of trading, conditions can only get better than it’s been. Overall, on major pairs and popular crosses, the daily price range has opened significantly, with 100+ pips from high-to-low on most pairs, longer candle bodies on higher timeframes (indicating longer extensions) and parallel price channels having 5-7pips range this week vs 1-3 pips last week. This is still no where fantastic, but it opens up opportunities for both Reversal Trading, Trend-Riding, and S/R Breakouts.

EURUSD Parallel Price Channel
EURUSD Parallel Price Channels having much larger range measured at a 90 degree tangent to the channel line.

Check out my analysis video where I explain several of the things mentioned above in detail. Just below this section is the Webinar Schedule for Binary Lab members this week.

Webinar Schedule

All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST), GMT-5. Prior to joining us this week on Binary Lab webinars, please review the “Trading Analysis Video” I’ve posted below to give you an idea of what I expect, and why I might be wary from late Wednesday thru to end of Friday.

Monday – 9am NY Session

Tuesday – 330am London/Europe Session (European PMI announcements)

Wednesday – 1030am NY Session (BOC Rate Change)

Thursday – 830am ***

Friday – Avoiding for Chinese New Year Eve Holidays/Half Days in China, Korea, HK, Singapore, and also the Donald Trump – Theresa May meeting.

** Please watch the “Trading Analysis Video” below to find out why Thursday’s session will be a key indicator for how trading volume on Friday will turn out where the USD strength is concerned.

This Week’s Trading Analysis Video

When discussing events in this video, please check MyFxBook to find these events in your local timezone as you’re most probably in a different continent from you.

Watch the video below…

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr6WhpE0GJg[/embedyt]

Join Our Webinars

Binary Lab will be trading most days this week. Webinar links will be posted in Binary Lab FB and Telegram groups. If you’re not already in the Binary Lab, sign up here!

(Note to Non-Members, you can obtain FREE Binary Lab membership by opening a new broker account through us HERE, and as a member, receive 1) Access to Live Webinar Trainings & Replays, 2) Download Trading Indicators, 3) Join our FB Group and 24/7 On-going Trader Mastermind Chat where members discuss trade setups, money management and opportunities)

Good trading,

Julian Wong

Founder, Binary Lab

P.S. Also watch my FB Live Video which gives you ONE powerful method which I use to determine if I should be binary trading the markets at any given time.

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